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CuriousMushroom 08-09-09 05:51 PM

3 Broken Mirrors And A Hell Of Alot Of Tears
This dream scarred me deeply..I need to let it out.
It was so vivid it scares me. x_X

There's no where to turn. I've hit a dead end. They're closing in. The sky turned black. I sank to the ground... a black tear rolled down my milk white cheek.. my councelor spread his cloak around my fragile body..
the man was there too. His laugh was so deep and twisted that all the hedges wilted.

The maze was shrinking. For once the man had been kind! If he wasn't so foolish I would have been a goner..

I ran. I didn't care where I was going, or how I would get there.
I stopped at a stream. I saw my pathetic little face covered in freckles. I was angry. I threw a stone at the reflection.. it shattered like a mirror.

Curled up in a pile of dead butterflies, I dragged fathers cloak around me for warmth.. yet I wasn't cold. But I was shivering all the same. The sky seemed closer. The whole world was watching me like a trapped animal at a zoo. No matter how I tried to escape.. I was still here.

Not really being.. but not dead..
And then they turned up. Foolish man and my councelor.. a new cloak in all.
With a pregnancy test.

I'm really sorry.. this probably means nothing to anyone
It's just that it's too unbearable in my head.. What does it mean
Can anyone help me?

- The last time I saw that councelor was when I was younger.. I was a bit of a pyro.. and now I am one.


sandyhay00 08-10-09 05:24 AM

which a pyro or a counselor

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