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WomanOfSelfHatred 05-11-17 05:50 AM

Does my rapid weight loss = diabetes?
Today, I weighed 177 lbs. Problem is, I was 10 pounds heavier last week, so I found it unusual that I lost so much weight during that time frame. I also noticed that I was sluggish, more shaky, and felt hungrier, although the depakote may have something to do with the latter. I didn't get too much exercise on cold days, and last time I checked my blood pressure, it was lower than normal. I mentioned having dizzy spells in the past, but I'm not sure if it's a contributing factor.

On one hand, I may have lost weight by eating salads and had a heavier period for the past week. On the other hand, I feel that I may be diabetic due to what I have mentioned above. Is it possible that all this is a sign of diabetes?

SensualGirl 05-11-17 10:25 AM

Can you go to the doctor?

kh440 05-11-17 06:39 PM

The medication could have something to do with it, no two people react to the same medications exactly the same. Some basic blood work will give you some idea what is going on as far as blood sugar, metabolic factors, and other factors.

WomanOfSelfHatred 05-15-17 05:56 AM

My self-esteem took a turn for a worse, as I seem to have gained back the pounds that I lost. I don't know if the scale is inaccurate, or something else is wrong with me. At this rate, I am getting close to weighing 600 pounds, even though it's a long time from now. I am really desperate for answers...

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