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elguapo 04-04-17 05:24 AM

Cancer scare
I'm waiting the results of a cancer screening at the moment. I noticed a mole had suddenly appeared on Sunday night. I elbowed my way in to see a doctor on Monday, they arranged an emergency biopsy today and I've got 48 hours to wait for the result.
I thought I would be panicking or feel numb but actually all I feel is utterly miserable.

SensualGirl 04-04-17 08:29 AM

I'm so sorry guaps. I'm sure it's nothing!

Enddays 04-04-17 08:31 PM

Do not give up, stay positive and you will be fine...:hug:

elguapo 04-06-17 02:49 AM

Well the biopsy was inconclusive so i'm going in tomorrow morning to have the lump removed

Enddays 04-06-17 07:22 AM

Tah is good news then :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

elguapo 04-07-17 05:46 AM

Lump removed under a local. Amazing how quick the analgesia kicked in. It was difficult to stop myself from trying to watch. Definitely not an experience I would choose to go through again.
So now they're going to test the lump again and then run some tests to see if anything could have spread.
I have to say the NHS is wonderful. Within a week they've dropped everything and got this sorted out and it didn't cost me a penny and I don't have to worry whether they'll treat mne if something similar happens again. It's amazing how much pressure is removed by having the NHS.
I know that nhealth care is a human right but still, it feels good to know that we have it

SensualGirl 04-07-17 07:48 AM

I'm so glad to hear things are moving along more smoothly.:hug:

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