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Zoe 07-21-09 09:15 AM

Now explain this to a cop...
July 20, 2009
PORT HOPE, ONT. Ontario provincial police say a driver who was pulled over for speeding on the weekend was watching an adult film at the time.
Police say they pulled over the car on Highway 401 near Port Hope, Ont., on Saturday morning and noticed the male driver was watching pornography on a portable DVD player sitting on the passenger seat.
A 32-year-old Mississauga man is charged with speeding and operating a motor vehicle with a television visible to the driver
The Canadian Press

lostmyfuture 07-21-09 09:47 AM


forpetessake 07-21-09 09:48 AM

I wonder if he was working his stick shift?

totallyamazed 07-21-09 01:29 PM

ROFLMFAO....Are you sure it wasn't a Northern Illinois man, *wink,wink* Just kidding Bill!

Delta40 07-21-09 05:42 PM

LMAO I wonder if he got 'shafted'

Juno 07-28-09 06:13 PM

Why do people insist on doing inappropriate things like this and texting while driving? Keep your attention on the road, you stupid fucks.

vexatiousdispleasure 08-27-09 07:38 AM

But, what if he wasn't watching porn on a Portable DVD player? Because some new cars are coming out with DVD Navigation Packages now, so it is possible to watch TV on your car's stock system.. That would be an interesting defence though... "I was trying to drive to the shops, but the GPS went haywire and started playing Porn"... I wonder if that could work? LOL!

All I needs is a S-Class Benz to test out the theory... Anyone wanna buy one for me?!? ;)

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