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rejectedgirl87 10-19-16 06:25 PM

Kicked out of church
I am so upset because I was kicked out of my church and my friend from church hates me now, unfriended me on Facebook and when I asked why and if I had done anything to offend her she said yes and to talk to the pastor about it because she wasnt going to talk about it anymore. When I said Im sorry and asked what she meant by anymore she told me to leave her alone and then later blocked me. I had to find out from the pastor in a letter kicking me out of church that it was because of me venting online and talking about her and other people excluding me and continuing to do so after being asked to stop. I wish she could have just said that instead of throwing me away and telling me to talk to the pastor. She didn't give me a chance to explain or apologize before just blocking me and telling me to leave her alone. This was after she had told me before that I would always be her friend and she would always love me no matter what. So that was a lie? Do you think she will ever forgive me or at least allow me to talk to her and apologize?
was just kicked out of my church and one of my friends from church blocked me. She blocked me on Facebook and wouldn't say why, first she unfriended me and when I asked if I had done anything to offend her she said yes, when I asked what it was she said to talk to my pastor about it because she wasn't going to talk about it anymore, and to leave her alone then blocked me. I found out later from my pastor that it was because I had vented about her and my church excluding and disliking me online, and continued to do so after she and the pastor asked me to stop, but I was only trying to get advice and needed someone to talk to, but I can see why that would upset her and I am very sorry and donít know if she will ever forgive me. But we are Christians and she said she would always love me but now I'm not sure. On top of that, the pastor spoke to my parents about this like Im some sort of child. As if being ostracized by my church and friends wasnt enough. But more importantly I will never ever find another church or another group of friends like this one. And I screwed up and missed out on being a part of the best church in existence and being friends with the most amazing people out there. And I will never feel like this about anyone else or any other church ever because I will always miss them and won't get over not being at that church and having my friend reject me.They are the best church because they are always having parties and going out to eat and long road trips to megachurches, and because of the close family dynamic that their young adults group has.I really, really want to go back to my church I was kicked out of. I cant stop thinking about it all the time and want to know if theres anything I can do to be accepted back into that church. It was like a family to me and a home and now I just feel so empty and incomplete without being a part of that church.
Also,I created a fake profile to friend request my friend after she blocked me to see if she was talking about me, and she messaged me saying my real name, Stop Adding me! Like how did she know it was me?? And this happened months after her blocking me. And then she messaged me saying if who is this? If this is Ashley, I will get a restraining order on you if you dont leave me alone." A restraining order wth? And this is when she wouldnt even let me apologize or say why she blocked me.So do you think she would get a restraining order if I made a new profile of me to send a message apologizing and explaining that all I want is some closure? Because she just blocked me and told me to leave her alone without saying why.

TheOutsider 10-20-16 12:15 AM

You're not going to like this but the church you're speaking of to me sounds like a bit of a dangerous place, if only just how much power it has over your life. How did these people find out you had been talking about them and what exact problems were discussed about this place? It seems strange to me that you'd be kicked out of a Church for venting about problems online and that would cause such a problem between you and your friends, let alone that a friend would so suddenly shut you out of her life. Did your pastor find out you were sharing this information or did she and she shared that information with your pastor? Also, in the context of the things you shared about your friend, did you include her name or any other personally identifiable information and did you share anything you maybe shouldn't have shared, just trying to get some context. I'm not asking for any identifiable information for either the Church or your friend and believe it would be best to leave names out.

WinnerButLoner 10-26-16 08:45 AM

church is full of bullshit people most Christians I have met have been kind of sneaky like your friend and not straight up honest people. Christian or not people should be more direct to other in my opinion to diffuse many problems and prevent misunderstandings before things spiral out of control like in your situation.

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