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HiddenStorms 09-11-16 08:01 PM

Anti-Obsessional Drugs for Depression
Does anyone have any experience taking anti-obsessional drugs for depression and not ocd? I've tried so many drugs and nothing has worked. I'm thinking of trying anafranil or luvox or something. Hoping it might help with obsessive worry. Thoughts? Experiences? Advice?

Tiffany13 09-15-16 01:51 AM

i am currently taking two anti depression meds. Citalopram and Buprofen. they worked for me, but every person is diffrent. I went to my doctor and told her all my symptoms and she gave me a prescription. as i tried them i would tell her what it helped what it didnt and any side effects. unfortunatly i cant tell you what to take. Some people take a year or two of trying until they find something that works. I wish there was an actual answer that you could get but its all really guess work for your body

elguapo 09-15-16 10:39 AM

I used lamictal for depression and obsessive thoughts for a while. It seemed to help but I gave up because of the side-effects - in my case rashes and nausea. However I seem to be sensitive to this because everything I've ever tried has caused me similar problems.

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