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Torch 06-25-09 11:26 AM

Toast... From the Future

I was surfing the web with Vex and we were looking for some random movie and well, through some kind of freak suggestion by Google, starting looking at toasters and found this.

What do you think of the toasters that will be on your kitchen benches in the next 20 Years?!?

Top 10 Toaster Designs Yanko Design

vexatiousdispleasure 06-25-09 11:34 AM

LOL! Number 6 is my Fave... I want it... :'(

Zoe 06-25-09 10:42 PM

LOL To Funny I want one of each please LOL I can be the toast tester LOL

Torch 06-26-09 03:01 AM

Yeah a reply that's awesome!! But wouldn't it be so cool I wish they were for sale and not just mock ups!!

silent cry 06-26-09 05:12 AM

wow- interesting. i really cant imagine toasters being like that... tho the way this world is going i can see it happening

Venom 06-26-09 05:14 AM

lmfao is that real

Torch 06-26-09 06:36 AM

well I assume they are Venom... perhaps mock ups but they should really actually make it and fully test out their ideas and stuff lol I got bored obviously with my friend Vex but yeah how cool it would be!! I'd so buy a toaster in such a funky design especially the ones where you can print shit on your toast lol

totallyamazed 06-26-09 06:43 AM

These are freakin awesome!!!

My old toaster doubles as a cig lighter when I can't find a light, someone should think of that!! LOL

vexatiousdispleasure 06-26-09 07:18 AM

Toast of Death... LOL!

Venom 06-27-09 04:29 AM

LOL I use the stove eyes for a lighter. Not a cheaper Bic in the world... that takes about 20 seconds to heat up lol.

man imagine that jet engine looking one being made, lol. Put it on Megaflare mode lmao

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