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mmch85 07-21-16 07:06 PM

anyone into their motors here? whether you have a nice one or you love your banger, let me know. i wanna see your cars!!!
im particularly into modding my cars, which i do mostly myself

i have a volvo v40 2003, 2L turbo
ive upgraded the brakes to 2pot calipers with performance discs and braided lines
got a decent cold air intake
1 3/4 inch stainless steel catback exhaust
coilovers and performance shocks. also got the toe in removed
and got it remaped
and.... errr thats about it... got it washed today too... sparkly!:cool:

ill post up a few photos if anyones interested
but id love to hear what you drive too

kh440 07-25-16 03:41 PM

1995 Chevrolet Impala SS, over 210k miles and still kicking
2011 Dodge Challenger R/T, my midlife crisis present to myself
1978 Trans Am that I MIGHT have on the road next year. Key word "might"

mmch85 07-26-16 11:58 AM

the r/t challenger is a fucking cool car. i couldnt afford to run it though, its got a 6L v8 right? Ive seen them tested and they go like shit of a shovel. we dont really do muscle cars here in the UK, but i wish we did.

and the trans am is a very good looking car, no idea as to its performance though. i bet parts are hard to come by and are expensive.

i always look at american cars and think that there design process goes a bit like this...
years designing and building the body
5 minutes to measure the bonnet space and determine what is the biggest and loudest engine that will fit
job done

mmch85 07-26-16 12:01 PM

me and a friend of mine are looking to buy a cheep BMW 3 series, to turn into a track car.

should be a fun and relatively straight forward project. and will be a lot of fun when we are done with it.

Mazed 06-14-17 11:23 AM

I'm more into motorcycles. But as cars go, I've been hoping to buy a classic. My choices; 68 Charger, 68 Ford XL, 56 T-Bird, 72 Chevelle, 68 Firebird.

The way classic prices are going up and up it's cheaper to buy a new Porsche.

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