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heckboy 07-08-16 10:57 PM

i think my ex committed suicide
and the kind of fucked up part is that i don't even want to check
i don't want to call her
she left a facebook status saying she can't live anymore and goodbye
she's done it before but i called her to check
and i don't want to do it anymore
i tried my best to save her in the past
i did everything for her, everything i could
i can't do anything more for her
so it's probably my fault if she really is dead now.
our relationship didn't work out
she wanted to try again but i couldn't because i love someone else
but it's probably my fault things ended up so badly
i should have never tried to fix her

i guess i won't know until tomorrow (it's midnight right now)
i don't know what to do or how to feel
i don't really feel

okay 07-09-16 03:54 AM

this isn't your fault i'm telling you. this was her decision and she's the one who took herself away okay? you shouldn't blame yourself at all
second, move on. if she's gone then that shouldn't be any of your business (no offence or anything :)) i love you, you're going to get through this, keep your head up honey and don't.give.up !Xx

Crow410 02-26-17 07:26 PM

i can relate to your story and i hope you get trough this situation.
She's gone and probably there wasn't a way to talk her away from doing it, so it's not you're fault.
No offence to you or to her, i really hope the ones who know her get trough this complicated situation.

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