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TooMuch 07-05-16 01:07 AM

New Roommate
So I decided to move in and get a roommate. I had a friend ask me to move in with him. I think after 4 years we've made it to a good place friendship wise. So I said okay. I was excited to have a roommate. Not to be so lonely. But the best part is save some real money. But since I've moved in he's hidden himself in the bedroom and barely talks to me. I'm so disappointed. I just feel neglected. I just had hoped for so much more, I suppose I hoped for a friend and I didn't get it. I mean sometimes he texts me from the bedroom to ask me questions. The other night I cooked and offered him food and he doesn't want to eat my cooking. It's friggin spaghetti for Pete sakes. But no. Anyway, I'm enjoying the move. IDK, if he is so much. I'm glad to be saving money. I can make do as is. But damn he's turned into an azzhole sometimes. It was Canada Day on July 1st and he went out with his little cousin and I wasn't invited. There is a considerable age difference between us but seriously.

Then next day he was the nicest he had been to me in the 3 days since I had moved in. I think he knew he treated me badly. Just crappy he's this way. I've tried to get along as best as I can. Given him space. Which I will continue to do. I also try to avoid times when he's home and I know he does the same. Our work schedules offer us some alone time too. Just so disappointing. Especially when lonliness is such an issue with me. I had hoped this would cure my lonliness some and it hasn't. The other night his little cousin came over with a friend of his and all 3 of them spoke their language and pretty well ignored me the whole night. That was the most uncomfortable I've felt in along time. Just disappointed... thought this might be an answer to my problem and it is partially but not fully. It just doesn't have to be this way I suppose.

anyway thanks for letting me vent some.

lucid lunacy 07-05-16 10:41 AM

If he's been used to living alone for quite some time, getting a roomate must've really shaken up his habits and schedule and he'll need some time to adjust. It'll take him some time to get used to the new reality; especially if he's a very shy or private person. It doesn't mean he resents you, really. He wouldn't have agreed to take you in otherwise.

TooMuch 07-06-16 03:57 AM

I'm going to give him sometime. We actually are moving again in a month. He wants a 2 bedroom so we can each have our own room. I took the living room for now. At first I'm like I'm okay with the current living situation but he insisted. We will be in the same building but on another floor. I'm beginning to like the idea more. Although the living room has been working perfectly fine for me. Maybe having a place where I can close the door will be okay too.

I think things have been going pretty well. I think he's just has to get more comfortable. I'm perfectly fine myself. But if he has friends over I can go to my own room and close the door. I'm open to the idea and I think he'll get use to me more with time. He has mellowed some already.

Thanks for the response.

lucid lunacy 07-06-16 10:52 AM

Yeah, it'll probably be for the best to have seperate rooms for the both of you and glad to see he's getting more aclimated to the new living circumstances.

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