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DestinyStarx 06-14-09 07:21 AM

my birthday is in 2 weeks and its going to be the first one without my dad. im not sure wat to expect or how its going to feel. i just know its going to be empty and there's going to be a big gap. im not sure i even want to or should celebrate

strawberry bitch 06-14-09 12:32 PM

im sorry to read that destinystarx. it must be difficult to learn to live without his presence. let alone ur b-day.

but i do think that u shuld celebrate. not with a big party but at least go out and eat something, or spend some time with ur family idk. whatever suits you best... even though his cycle in this earth ended; urs is still running....

i wish u an early b-day.. and i hope u have a good time!!


kldonne 06-14-09 12:34 PM

Whatever you decide, I hope your b-day ends up to be a happy one (or, at least, not too sad of one)...


DestinyStarx 06-14-09 11:31 PM

thanks so much i really do hope its not as sad as i think its going to be. He's always been there. from one to eighteen. I hope he will be there in spirit

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