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Lilyfrog 05-27-16 11:11 AM

Been a tough day
Morning started off quite well, got up in a decent mood, kids the same, packed them off to school and then BANG my head runs aways with me, I hit negative city.
I started over analysing todays shopping times, knowing that it was going to be a long one, and with the prospect of bumping into someone,

I used to SH in the past, but pulled myself through it and always vowed never to do it again, but today even though the shopping is over I still have big urges.
I have been fighting all day but all is quiet in the house now im home alone for a good few hours which make it more difficult to fight.
I am working down the list trying to get myself into the right frame of mind again, like I said I dont want to go there again

ziedite 05-27-16 03:19 PM

Hi Frog... you wrote a really nice post to my posting... so I'm responding to yours... You made it through shopping.. you got the kids off, you need to praise yourself and say... I did good, I did good. And repeat it out loud several times. Its harder to self harm when you hear good stuff about yourself. Which you need to hear. Take good care of yourself...

Lilyfrog 05-27-16 03:37 PM

Thank you, you are so right there :)

I also have just had a good cry to the Samaritans too and cleared some of my mind, feeling a little better

ziedite 05-27-16 03:42 PM

Its hard I know... but we're here a TTL to help. So keep verbalising out load to yourself... I've done right, I'm valuable... I am good enough.... it may sound stupid but it does make a little bit of a difference. Take good care.

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