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Lilyfrog 05-23-16 08:49 AM

How to make Aromatherapy oils to help depression
I tend to use scent 3 the most, I find this one helps me the most.

Scent 1

1 drop Rose
3 drops Sandalwood
1 drop Orange

[B]Scent 2[/B]

3 drops Bergamot
2 drops Clary Sage

Scent 3

1 drop Lavender
1 drop Ylang Ylang
3 drops Grapefruit

Scent 4

2 drops Frankincense
1 drop Lemon
2 drops Jasmine or Neroli

Directions: Select one of the scents shown above. Then, choose which method you'd like to use the scent and follow the directions below:

Diffuser Blend:
Multiply your scent by 4 to obtain a total of 20 drops of your chosen scent. Add your oils to a dark colored glass bottle and mix well by rolling the bottle in between your hands. Add the appropriate number of drops from your created scent to your diffuser by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Bath Oil:
Multiply your scent by 3 to obtain a total of 15 drops of your chosen scent. Bath Oil recipe.


2 fl. ounces carrier oil such as Jojoba
20 drops Lavender Essential Oil or 15-20 drops of your own blend of essential oils (be sure they are EOs that are not known to be skin irritants)

Directions: Blend the oils together and store in a glass bottle. The recipe may be doubled or tripled.

To Use: Do not use all 2 fl. ounces of bath oil in one bath. After you have drawn your bathwater, add about 1/4 ounce (7-8ml) of the bath oil blend to your bath water.

Mix well to ensure that the blend has dispersed well in the tub and hop on in. It's best to add the bath oil just before getting in the tub instead of while the water is running so that the essential oils don't evaporate before you get into the tub. Using this bath oil blend is safer than adding pure EOs directly to the bath water. This is because undiluted essential oils added to bathwater can settle in one spot on your skin and cause irritation. This natural blend can also settle in one spot, so it's important that every few minutes, you wave your hands through the water to keep the oil dispersed into your bathwater. By using skin safe essential oils diluted in the carrier oil, you dramatically reduce any risk of sensitization even if the bath oil settles.

Bath Salts:
Multiply your scent by 4 to obtain a total of 20 drops of your chosen scent. Continue by using the 20 drop scent in the Bath Salts recipe.


3 cups salt. Recommended salt types: Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Epsom salt, or a combination these salts. Salts typically come in several grain sizes. Combining multiple grain sizes can make your salts more visually appealing. Although chunkier salts often look prettier, larger salts do take longer to dissolve in the tub and can be a little painful or awkward if you step or sit on on a few chunks that haven't fully dissolved.
15-24 drops of your selected essential oil or essential oil blend. Be sure and take heed in the safety data for the oil(s) you choose to use.
Optional: 1 tablespoon JoJoba, Fractionated Coconut Oil or other carrier oil for moisturization

Place the salt mixture into a bowl. If you have chosen to include the optional vegetable oil within your salt recipe, add it to the plain salts and mix well with a spoon or fork. Then, add the drops of your chosen essential oils. Again, mix very well. Add the mixture to a pretty jar, salt tube, or container that has a tight fitting lid. Salts that are kept in a container that is not air tight will lose their aroma more quickly.

After a day, you may wish to mix well again to ensure that the oils are well incorporated

Massage Oil:
Multiply your scent by 2 to obtain a total of 10 drops of your chosen scent. Continue by using the 10 drop scent in the Massage Oil recipe.
1 fl. ounce carrier oil such as sweet almond
Directions: Mix the oils well and add to a clean, air-tight dark glass container. Massage gently into the feet of the individual who requires increased calm. Giving yourself a foot massage with this relaxing oil is also delightful. Roman Chamomile has a strong sedative effect, so do not plan to drive or concentrate after using this blend.

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