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jashley 05-16-16 06:13 PM

Friend blocked me on Twitter
This girl from church posted a picture on twitter of her and another girl from my small group hanging out, but whats weird is she doesnt usually post pictures on twitter usually she posts them on instagram or Facebook, and she didnt post this picture on instagram or Facebook. She knows I am a friend of her on facebook and instagram but I am not following her on Twitter so I dont think she knows I have a Twitter. Why would she post the picture on Twitter instead of Instagram or Facebook? Do you think she was trying to hide the post from me thinking I wouldnt see it because she thinks I dont have Twitter? This was after she told me she is really busy the next few weeks and wouldnt have time to hang out. Then I see this picture of her hanging out with this other person, so she has time to hang out with them but not me? And yesterday, I followed her on Twitter to find out she blocked me a few hours later. Today I looked at her account without logging in saw that she tweeted about yet another hangout with this friend last night. This was after I had messaged her yesterday afternoon asking when she could hang out next and she said late June.

Bacon82 12-01-16 02:01 PM

Just find a new friend

sensitiveloner 12-07-16 10:32 PM

Don't waste your time on this so called "friend". She's acting really shady, not worth any of your time. Just ignore her

missread 12-08-16 02:00 AM

Forget her. I'm not sure how long you've been friends or if that's an important factor, or if something happened between you, but you seem like too much of a loyal person to bother with someone who wants to ignore you. She will probably miss you and try to hide it.

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