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Adam87 05-02-16 04:10 PM

Computer programming C# or C++?
im new to programming. i am ashamed to say im starting out with microsoft smallbasic but im also learning C++ to go with my audio programming books since theyre outdated. i would eventually like to learn C#. any fans of any of the languages? if not either what is your favorite?

Ehisdi 07-04-18 01:46 AM

I wonder if you're still about, and if you had chosen anything.

I had done a wee tiny smidgen in C#, wrote a console based snake game in it, and even created a small TUI to go with it (Text User Interface). It's not bad, but as a person who prefers low level programming to high level, yick, heh. Since this question is 2 years old, I'm sure you've found something by now.

By the by, if you happen to come across this, how is your c++ programming now?

Adam87 07-25-18 10:19 PM

Ugh thanks for your response I gave up for now or consider my learning hiatus due to other things but I still want to learn c++. It just always seemed like a fun language but I’ve considered getting used to small basic and moving to C. After that I’ll try c++ again.

Ehisdi 07-26-18 12:32 AM

Sounds like me, I've put off programming so much that I haven't written but a couple of things, and only one of those is of any use (a keyboard layout generator for Linux). Kind of gets aggravating having to relearn everything all over, but meh, I am not giving up yet, heh.

You really don't need to move to C then C++, you can do almost if not everything that C can do in C++. (At least that's what I've heard, to be fair at most what I've done in C++ is translate some SDL tutorials into C).

Well, if you do happen to get into C, and if my mentality hasn't deteriorated too much by that time, I'd be willing to help. Though, I'm certain it'd be far more prudent to attempt C++ directly. There are a lot of people that'd help you, and if needs be I could even help you (I've had to debug quite a few C++ programs I've installed on my computer. So I may not be able to program in it efficiently, but I've had enough experience with it that it should be useful, heh).

Adam87 07-30-18 12:35 PM

cool man! ill keep you in mind if i need to reachout, thanks.

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