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calber 09-04-06 10:18 PM

:( for some way ever time I meet a guy I get ocd and then they just stop talking to me and these sends me into a stage of depression and I start to firgue why live

irishred 09-04-06 10:37 PM


what do you mean you get ocd when you meet a guy? it comes and goes? can you explain what you mean. and remember, i am clueless about ocd, so excuse my not understanding.



calber 09-04-06 11:52 PM

Like I call him all the time like alest 10 times a day text message him every chance I get and I get vey upest if he does not call or taxt me back I belive that an ocd promblem

Aries 09-11-06 07:52 PM

I was not understand either, so I apologize. calber - thank you for explaining it. May I ask if this happens right away or as the relationships continues? I'm sorry, just want to understand it more. I hope you don't mind me asking.


tiggrr 09-11-06 10:17 PM

hello calber.
I have some knowlege of ocd. Usually it encompasses many aspects of your life. Most people with this illness have several "rituals" for various beliefs to try to control their world. You may have some mild form, but if it's just around guys, it may be more of an insecurity than anything else.

angel4peace 09-28-06 03:19 AM

Hello calber
I have to agree with Tig. From what I know about OCD it does not sound like that is what is happening. If you do not mind my asking, does this happen if he does not call you when you think, feel or want him too?

Does this happen after you have had a fight?

Could you explain a bit more?

I have some thougths but I would like to hear more about it from you first.


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