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Rastronomy 04-19-16 01:25 PM

I'm a compulsive liar
I'm a compulsive liar... like I make up stupid things and I lie irl about stupid things all the time. Does anyone else do this?

elguapo 04-20-16 08:36 AM

I used to do that. I don't much anymore. I wanted my life to be more interesting. now I don't care what anyone else thinks so I don't need to lie to anyone but myself. And when i lie to myself I know it;'s not true and I'm just making up a story to amuse myself.
Als long as you don't say anything hurtful about anyone else it doesn't really matter but then again it doesn't help. The best thing is to realise that everyone else is living a dull life as well. You don't need to embellish or make up to keep up with other people.
Also it could be that you don't want to let people in to what you think or feel or just what your life is like. I can empathise with that. In fact I think that's the way I've always felt. Being quiet is a better way of making sure that no-one really knows you. i haven't been able to do that yet but I do always try now

Rastronomy 05-21-16 12:46 PM

Thank you for replying! and sometimes it's more harmful to myself as I forget which story is actually real which is scary, but I haven't lied about others

elguapo 05-23-16 08:03 AM

Yes you can give it a positive spin. Telling lies means that you have to remember the lies you told and who you told them to. Having to do that means that you get plenty of practice to improve your memory. See there's an upside to everything.
My memory is getting really bad now so maybe I need to lie more

Lilyfrog 05-23-16 02:43 PM

Do you know why you lie like you do? is it for Admiration and Popularity, Control and Manipulation, Low Self Esteem.......?

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