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Lealo 04-14-16 03:55 AM

No point of living
I dont see point living in this world , whats the point ?:confused: :confused: I was thinking before but not so serious as i am thinking now about death and suicide . What is a goal, everythink and everyone are corruputed,evil, there is little justice,love and righteous left in this world . Im not a good person but im not a bad either im mostly neutral person with both good and bad sides, with both good and bad intentions but mostly good ones.

I dont see really a point in this life living neither from religion view nor from evolutionary view. When i said religion view i meant on God giving life and he is one taking it and when i said evolutionary view i was thinking about having kids,wife living life for better of further generation in future. But i dont see point here i believe in afterlife but not from religion belief for example : some old guy called God waiting for us in Heaven to punish us ( no insult to religion people here ) .
I hate both this world and certain part of myself . I dont see why should i suffer here, waste my time,my patience,my love,my justice and righteous for this world and in this world . I dont see point living nor do i have goal to accomplish in this life from my view and standars this life for me is uselless i dont know what to do like i said i was thinking before about suicide but never in a way im thinking right now im very more more serious now than before i dont have any will nor goal to have girlfriend,children,wife,sex,money,cool car,cool looks and so on.. I dont care about that i dont care about this life i dont see point like i said before living this life i dont have point+goal in this life to accomplish. I dont know what to do and how to do but im really consider doing suicide to kill myself for good of myself . :confused: :confused:

moth 04-16-16 02:40 PM

Hi! I'm new here as well... And just wrote a huge reply that didn't load. Ugh.
Sorry for my english, it is not my mother languade, but I'll do my best.
I get you, I see no point in keeping this body alive when I take a look around at what's happening in this planet, but let's just think that's a bit ridiculous and I'll try to tell you why.
As I see it, this "God" (not in a religious kind of perspective) would have to be taken as it is: LIFE, and what's life about? LOVE. Not the love that we see on hollywood movies, or a couple falling in "love", I mean real love, the one that makes plants grow, just NATURE in general. Life itself is too damn beautiful! But I get you, the life that has been presented to us just sucks, why consuming? why buying our food on wallmart? why voting for a candidate to rule us? Man, it's just too much.
I don't trust this system, which works too damn well, it's only corrupting us and taking us far from what life really is. It takes our nature and destroys it by telling us to be consumers and we fucking buy it! It's incredible.

Man, I get you, I understand how you feel... It feels pointless. The idea of suicide has been in my head for many years, it's just there and it's really hard to deal with. Just know that, well, here I am and you're definitely not alone.
let's just breathe for a moment. :)

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