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Constantheadache 04-10-16 10:40 AM

I would just like some advice on how to deal with my life.
This is just a bunch of complaining about my life but, I am at rock bottom. I feel the need to complain about my life because it isn't getting better and its not something i can fix because i am only a teenager. So at the moment I sleep on a loveseat every night in a disgusting house. My brother sleeps on the couch. For over a year i have slept like this. I've had worse n better experiences after my gma died from moving around alot but this is the situation im in right now. I dont have any personal space, my room is the living room. I can't sleep unless everyone else is asleep or the house is quiet. My back aches because i have no room on the loveseat half of my legs dangle off the end n thats if i let it. I ache every single day n can not sleep in because people get up. Plus there is cockroaches n now i fear sleeping because i have woken up twice by them. Once it crawling on my face n the other on my arm. Now i suffocate myself in the blanket to hope they don't crawl on me. With food i have friends buy it for me or i rely on school. I live with my mother my little sister n brother n their father. Also, with my mothers boyfriends stepdad and mother who co constantly threaten to kick us out , argue, and blame things on everyone. There is no peace. Here everyone hates each other. We only get food stamps so we don't get much food so i never eat here besides the roaches crawling everywhere we get yelled at for eating. I am constantly sad and depressed with this lifestyle n want out but since I'm only 16 i can not do anything about it so every night i cry myself to sleep. I just want to move out and be happy but i have nowhere to go. I'm trying to get a job.

Mitza 04-11-16 11:03 AM

I'm so sorry to hear that you're in a situation like that.. I wish I knew more about how to help you.. but Idk how the system works in the US or wherever you are.. Are there any other social benefits you could apply for, and could you talk to a counsellor at school? Are there any children protective services that could help you? I think finding someone outside of family to talk to about this is a good idea... Like a teacher, someone else at school, or some other adult you feel comfortable with.. No teenagers should have to live like this. :frown:

I wonder if you could try to find a collective to stay at. Like a shared flat or something. It would require you having an income, though..

Keep posting here.. Maybe someone else here who knows the system better can give you some more suggestions. :hug:

sook 04-11-16 03:07 PM

I am sorry to hear what you are going through but Mitza suggestions make a lot of sense - Good Luck and take care of yourself.

coraline50 04-16-16 06:53 PM


I echo what Mitza has said. You should not have to live like this and intervention is needed. You need to talk to someone. Can you talk to a teacher or get a referral to social services? Please try to do that, or contact a youth hotline to get advice on your situation. I'm here to talk if you want.


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