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kukla 03-28-16 11:33 PM

2 years since boyfriend committed suicide
Today is two years after my ex boyfriend committed suicide. We've met in school and was hanging out for a year. There was a lot of ups and downs in our relationship. I wasn't realizing how much help he need. I never met people with suicidal thoughts before and I never knew what red flags are look like. It seems like just unhealthy relationship with drama. So we broke up in February. A month later he voluntarily left... Fuck

I start blaming myself instantly, I thought I'll die right after him because my heart wouldn't handle it. I start going to counselling and it was a very good decision to make. After a year of counselling I start feeling a little better. After 1.5 years I went on a date... It can seem like life is over, but time will make a big difference. I still miss him, I still remember him and I always will. But i am not blaming myself anymore

celery 04-06-16 08:29 PM

That was a difficult thing to go through, Kukia:hug::hug:
I understand the blaming yourself and agree with you that while it is painful, it wasn't your fault. I really hope that it keeps getting easier for you. You are not alone :hug::hug:

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