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Frankenstein 03-13-16 03:14 PM

Something I wrote long ago...
Decades ago, long before I became the jaded and cynical bastard that I am today, I went through a phase and wrote some poetry. Here's a poem I always liked... ironically, the foundation for this poem was laid as I went through Jungle Training down at Fort Sherman, Panama. There I was, being taught how to kill the enemy in the jungle, but thankfully, the great natural beauty of that environment outlasted all else in my memory. Here's one for the nature lovers at this site.


A wondrous hidden realm exists

Within this world of emerald dreams,

Where spirits of the forest sigh

As ancient giants touch the sky

And summon forth the swirling mists.

Then nature's mystery unfolds

Inside this pristine paradise,

For when the mists so gently fall,

The forest spirits, one and all,

Descend from arborescent eaves

To stand beneath the dripping leaves

And breathe the precious breath of life.

So grateful for this fleeting chance

To join the elemental dance,

From side to side they softly sway,

And then they slowly turn away,

To disappear with silent steps

Into the jungle's darkest depths.

Frankenstein 03-14-16 08:50 PM

I've always been a great admirer of hummingbirds, their precision in flight is truly amazing. Nature's omnidirectional helicopters, the only birds who can truly fly backwards, or in any other direction, for that matter. I wrote a poem about these little jewels of the avian world, and here it is. You students of poetry and TTL Poets out there, check out the primo internal rhyme scheme I incorporated into this poem, it deliberately does not match the end rhyme scheme, 10-4? In the sextet, "gorgeous" and "for just" were as close as I could get, otherwise this humble poem is technical perfection, LOL. Here we go with a tribute to my little feathered friends...


His agile form streaks into sight,

Then hovers there before your eyes;

This fragile master of the skies

Discovers blossoms in delight!

He savors nectar while in flight,

This clever bird of enterprise;

He wavers, then he swiftly flies,

And never once does he alight!

This gorgeous gleaming jewel so fair,

With whirring wings and wondrous ways,

Has bearing far beyond compare!

And for just seconds, he conveys

A stirring gift to those who share

His daring aerial displays!

Frankenstein 03-14-16 09:15 PM

Hmm, what else do I have here? Ah, just the ticket, a non-PC tribute to the Vikings, LOL. Did you know that the phrase "politically correct" originated in the Communist Party? I'm sure the Vikings would've been THRILLED to know that little bit of trivia. Probably would've sailed out of their way to bash a few Bolshevik skulls, LOL. Here's a poem I always liked, since I hail from a nautical family...


They sail their ships to distant shores,

And there they disembark in scores,

To venture forth in martial stride

And terrorize the countryside!

They send fierce landsmen to their graves,

And seize the fairest girls as slaves;

They ransack villages in turn,

And what remains, remains to burn!

They gather all that they can take,

And leave destruction in their wake.

Then they upon slain creatures dine,

And slake their thirst with stolen wine;

And after they consume their draft,

They stagger back to board their craft

And sail home to northern lands,

The spoils of combat in their hands.

Frankenstein 03-14-16 09:30 PM

As if that non-PC tribute weren't enough, here's another Viking poem, this time dealing with those ultra-radical mushroom cults and the truly fierce warriors who belonged to them.

PC disclaimer: If you dislike violence, do not read this poem!!! LOL. Here we go...


The murder rages in his eyes,

His mighty hands wield bloody sword;

The scourge of the retreating horde,

He pierces hearts with savage cries!

He cares not if he lives or dies,

This fearsome, frenzied martial lord;

The thrill of combat his reward,

His violence intensifies!

Beneath his feet thrash stricken foes,

Before him men withdraw in fright...

He crushes all with mortal blows!

He scorns his weak opponents' plight

And expedites their dying throes;

He revels in eternal fight!

Frankenstein 03-14-16 09:36 PM

Hmm, better go with something more mellow this time, LOL. Here's one for the repentant abusers at this site...


My love for you illuminates

The darkest depths of my despair;

You'll never need mere written words

To know how much I really care.

I never meant to cause you harm,

My kindred spirit, sweet and true;

Through life and death, and far beyond,

My heart shall always be with you.

Frankenstein 03-14-16 09:49 PM

A sonnet for a gal who never understood me. She slept with me, but she never understood me, and I don't blame her, LOL, considering how f#%d up I was at the time. Where is she now? Who knows? Probably dead or in prison, 10-4???


I gazed upon her from afar

And knew at once that I was lost;

This rare and gorgeous golden star

I had to have at any cost!

She beckoned to me from the skies,

And quickly I began to climb;

I soon discovered, with surprise,

Endeavors such as this take time!

She burns so brightly in my heart,

I want her each and ev'ry night,

And though we still are miles apart

I keep her always in my sight;

This lovely golden star of mine,

I know she'll never cease to shine!

Frankenstein 03-14-16 10:00 PM

Here's another sappy poem which was totally wasted upon some gold digger... my thin wallet never had a chance, LOL. Damn, that's harsh, but it's the truth, and I've learned to embrace the reality when it comes to such matters, but I still like the poem, aye?


I wake in the glade where the stream meets the clover,

And quietly rest upon Nature's sweet bed;

While moonlight is fading, the night not yet over,

I wonder what manner of day lies ahead.

The silvery stars still burn brightly above me,

And shine upon tumbling waters nearby;

A pleasant sensation, a feeling so lovely,

This hour of leisure beneath such a sky!

A radiance marks the approach of Apollo

As stars slowly fade in the heavens above;

A beautiful day will most certainly follow,

A day I will share with the woman I love.

Frankenstein 03-14-16 10:16 PM

Ah, one more round of cheese before I get back to the good stuff, LOL. This poem written for the woman of my dreams may be of interest to students of geology and physical geography, as well as mountaineers and technical rock climbers, 10???


She joins me on the meadow green,

A flower in her golden hair;

Her slender, well-shaped form is clean,

Her radiant complexion fair!

She's really such a pretty sight,

This gorgeous girl whom I adore;

She smiles in the morning light,

And instantly my spirits soar!

Unto the silver peaks we stroll,

Upon a glorious ascent,

And presently we reach a col

Whereon she whispers her intent.

She knows this alpine country well,

And laughingly she takes my hand;

From rocky pass to wooded dell,

She leads me through this wondrous land...

Until we reach a hidden glen

Unlike all others we have passed;

A place unknown to other men,

Where we can be alone at last!

We lay upon a clover bed

Beside a sparkling mountain stream,

And on my chest she rests her head,

My lovely blue-eyed Nordic dream!

Frankenstein 03-14-16 10:29 PM

Damn, if it gets any sappier than that..., LOL. Here's a dose of reality to ground myself, yeah? All of you current and former substance abusers out there in cyberspace will appreciate this one, I reckon.


Inside a tenement where no one cares,

Within a darkened slum of forlorn hopes,

A quiv'ring alcoholic blindly gropes,

Then slowly tumbles headlong down the stairs.

He feels no pain, and yet his temper flares,

And shortly, he in sullen anger mopes;

With his new circumstance he simply copes,

The situation he already bears.

He knows that he must make it to the store,

And so he awkwardly regains his feet;

Unsteadily, he staggers out the door.

He weaves in drunken stupor down the street,

Forever driven by the urge for more...

His empty stomach soon will feel the heat.

Frankenstein 03-14-16 10:59 PM

Well, $h!t, I reckon that's enough depressing poetry for one night, LOL. Y'all be good, and don't take this life too seriously... it'll all be the same in 100 years, I personally guaran-f#%g-tee it. I'm off to see the wizard, that wanker owes me $500 and I intend to collect, aye??? If I don't get my money back, at least I'll have the satisfaction of knowing that the punk is laid up in the hospital, and his bill under ObamaCare will amount to far more than my original loan, LOL. :eek:

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