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lilly 02-13-16 04:51 PM

Little and often
This is how i excersise when i can. I do the smallest amount cos i have my physical health problems that i have to consider so i can only do tiny amounts at a time. But that means i can if i want excersise everyday. If you are doing big work outs it means you have to have a rest period of a day in between to let the muscle bulk up and rest. But if you do these tiny ones i do you can get a little lift each day especialy if you have a disability or cant normaly use your body in the way you would like to. It can be such a positive thing to use your body in a good way to help yourself feel good. I know motivtion is alot of peoples problem but so thats another way why doing small is good you dont have to do a long boring routinue. I work on different areas on different days. And to be honest its mainly stretching type excersises. Im getting very trim for someone who is mainly bedbound! I had a bit of weight on me not real big but on the cuddly side of things and thats coming off with it as well. Ive found it very supprising what a differnece its made to me. The way i feel and the way i look. I gives me a boost. I miss it terrably on the days i cant do it cos im having a bad illness day. I do highly recommend little and often. It also keeps you in touch with your body. i even am starting to do twice a day stretches and reps cos i love it so much. At the rate il get back to my size 8 waist i had when i was 19!

Surviver 02-15-16 12:43 PM

Thank you for your inspiring story.

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