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Venom 04-21-09 01:43 AM

How To Play The Swedish Fish Game
Since the introduction of the fun new game to the site, I've found alot of people confused about it, me being one of them! So I thought it would be apporpriate to make a post dedicated to the game, how to find Swedish Fish, and ect. Hope you enjoy playing!

1. How Do I Play?

Go into your User CP, located in the top left hand of any page on this site. There, on the left side of your screen, will be links to where you can change your profile. Click "Options". Scroll to the very bottom. You will see the "Play Swedish Fish" option. Click "Yes" and "Save Changes" at the bottom and you're ready to go!

2. Where Do I Find Swedish Fish?

This site is divided into serveral main forums, all with sub-forums. Where you will find the Swedish Fish is in the subforums of the main forums "Diversions" and "The TakeThisLife.com Community". To find fish fast, try clicking one of the main forums, and then click on each sub-forum, and see if you notice anything different at the top above the list of threads. You'll know when you've found one when it pops up on the screen, click "Take It" quickly! Other members are playing as well and each time the Swedish Fish is taken, another one is placed in an entirely new sub-forum of the two main forums mentioned above.

3. Help! I've searched each sub-forum and the Swedish Fish still isn't popping up!

That's probably because another member already took it, which means the Swedish Fish has been placed again in a new sub-forum. Good luck looking, catch him quickly!

4. Hmm... I clicked on a thread and at the top, somebody seems to have left a bag of Swedish Fish!

This sometimes happens, and watch out, because it will happen to you as well! Each time you log off, there is a chance another member can find your Swedish Fish in any given thread on the board. If you've come across a bag of Fish, you can either choose to try to take one, or be humble and decline. When you try to take one, you either have a 33% or 50% chance of pulling it off, so don't worry if you aren't able to get it, some things are for the best! Psst, and don't worry about stealing them, because I don't :tongue:

5. One or more of my Swedish Fish have came up missing when I came back to the site!

Somebody found your bag and took one! When going in threads, you can do this also. A message will pop up a few seconds after you have logged back in noting who took your fish and how many. Don't feel bad if you've been gotten though, because it happens to all of us, and it's just a game so have fun and get out there and steal some back :biggrin:

So that's about it! Good luck fishing, don't feel bad if you're fish turn up missing, and above all, have fun! If you have any questions feel free to ask and I or another member of the board will answer.

AlbinoRat 04-21-09 06:58 AM

Why not just bump this thread up? https://www.takethislife.com/suggesti...ow-play-19146/

It says the same thing, and you made it. I found it a long time ago when I searched Swedish Fish because I was sure it was asked or mentioned some time before which is why I never asked about Swedish Fish and how to play.

Venom 04-21-09 07:14 AM

this way i don't have to bump it, it's just here in the guidelines, easier for new members to find

totallyamazed 04-21-09 07:26 AM

I think this is an excellent thing you've done Venom! BTW...I notice your getting a few in your sack..guess you are fair game now :P Muhahaha...

strawberry bitch 04-24-09 10:19 PM

me like this game :tongue:!!

thanks venom!

Venom 04-26-09 07:00 PM

Recent Change In The Swedish Fish Game

Now, sometimes (on any screen, including the main one and the User CP) when the screen loads, a net will appear at the top and several fish on the page. Click on the fish (hold your left mouse button down) and drag it to the net. Can you get them all? Try and see!

If anything else changes, it will be posted.

Sweet Denial 06-14-09 08:37 PM

Thank you for posting this! It's very helpful. Totally love this game; it's so amusing!

Endless Whinging 09-08-09 06:18 PM

what happened to the fish game standings window that used to be on the right side of my screen? Did I turn it off somehow or is it gone for everyone?

Venom 09-10-09 08:45 PM

yea it disappeared for everyone apparently, since I don't see it and I know I didn't turn it off. Yet the solution....

On the main page, on the right hand side of the screen there is a button that says "Display Game Stats". Click it and there ya go. It's not working for me, might be a bug the admin needs to work out with it, might just be the computer I'm on. I'm sure it'll be worked out soon. I see the game stats have been replaced with more ads. I wish I was rich so I could donate like a cool million to this website.

Venom 09-10-09 09:03 PM

I got it to work, yup, just look on the right hand side of the screen on the main page of the site and hit the button and wait for it to load, yup, works fine.

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