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StillLife 12-23-15 09:17 AM

Where do you go to get your haircut?
Not a male-exclusive question but I would like to know where you all go to get a haircut. I used to have bad anxiety so i'd settle with having my dad cut my hair or giving myself a trim. Obviously, this turned out less than perfect so I would sometimes go to large, budget clip chains for a change(great clips, cost cutters, anything below $15 pretty much). They didn't really cut my hair all that much better than my dad(aside from nice even layers, lol), and often when I chose certain styles it never looked much different than a neat bowl cut.

Should I put aside some money for a good stylist around town?

EndlessOcean 12-24-15 11:29 AM

I found a nice couple at a barber shop who do really well. She is the only one who cuts my hair right, and it is only about 10$. I wouldn't suggest going to a salon unless you have a specific style in mind. They always seem to do my hair wrong and take way too much time, and they stop to gossip all the time. Just keep trying around until you find someone you like. It doesn't have to be expensive.

Blubird 08-12-16 11:16 PM

Unless you're looking for special dye techniques or special treatments, you're probably wasting your money at a stylist...

Hair styling is an industry that's mostly self-supported... You need to be licensed to even buy the tools of the trade, and most schools lock stylists into contracts saying the stylist is only allowed to use a specific brand's products (usually the brand that sponsored the school they went to)...

Imagine going to a hardware store and being asked to provide a carpenter's license before being allowed to buy lumber, and only being allowed to use Stanley tools on a work site?

This is where a lot of their high prices come from...

If you want something complicated, and you want it done right, by all means go to someone who has the tools and the training, but if you're just looking for a haircut, you're probably wasting your money.

Also, whoever you go to don't be afraid to flat out tell them that everyone keeps giving you bowl cuts, and that's not what you want... Maybe even tell them to break up the line of your bangs a bit... They'll keep going until you either tell them to stop, or you're bald.

Other than that, just find a place with good reviews.

DPG1 03-15-17 01:26 PM

Ask friends and family where they get their hair cut. I did that and the lady who cuts my hair (been going to her for the last 3 years), does great work and at a good price. Helps that she's one of my Mom's neighbours and I knew her daughter from college.

Black Sheep 03-16-17 05:20 PM

a barber.

At this point, I'm thinking of just completely shaving my head down myself. I might end up looking like a cancer patient but it's probably better than having the hairline of a 50 year old in my mid-20s.

ThatUncertainFeeling 04-30-17 07:59 PM

How do you like to style your hair? If you're not too picky, you could just try cutting it yourself. There's some videos on YouTube showing how to do a very basic cut. I cut my own hair because I like to keep it short. Usually I just buzz it, which is really easy to do, and let it grow for awhile. Only part you'll need help with is trimming the back of your neck.

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