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INFJCAT 11-23-15 10:41 PM

2015 in retrospect
2014 was full of epic win: job promotion, job bonus, honors on final acct exam (albeit 40% failure rate out of 1500 students), family trip to Hawaii (3rd time visiting), got accounting designation, everyone at work loves me and I love them, ordered a new BMW to my exact specifications, took 3 weeks off to drive it around ... then social anxiety and serious case of depression started Oct 2014.

2015 has been the complete opposite and a dangerous ride.

From Oct 2014-Feb 2015 - 4 months on medical leave to treat serious depression.

March 2015 - let go from job with severance. I "blamed" the economy when explaining to new job prospects. This started an 8 month desert of unemployment - one of the most soul sucking times ever.

April - started CBT. Family puts house up for sale as economy further sinking and we make a plan move entire family out east.

May - Sold BMW to mom. Hopefully I can buy it back in the future. It's a nice car.

June - found out mom had stage 1 breast cancer. House still not sold, family stressed out. Drop in price.

July - stressing out over family move all across country. House STILL not sold, even more worried, dropped price again.

Aug - family fights everyday with mom dad. It was horrible. Worst time I honestly thought family would walk out the door. We make it middle of August. Move into new house. Old house STILL not sold after 5 months on market. Economy really crapped out housing market.

Sept - very few job interviews. After move, mom gets surgery in new city. Crisis averted. OMG HOORAY house is sold.

Oct - very slow on job front - however a few more interviews. Making new friends in new city. Still trying to fight off remnants of depression and doubt.

Nov - I GOT A JOB! A full time job somehow in accounting role.

Dec 2015 - PLZ END NICELY. :wave:

Dark Witch 11-24-15 11:22 AM

Congratulations on the new job! I hope you have a wonderful 2016.

rhymic 11-25-15 01:44 AM

Congratulations so good to hear you got a new job.

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