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Shacke 10-24-15 07:54 AM

So... first kiss?
Well, long story short, in my 17 years, I‘ve never been in relationship. I never wanted to be. But then I met one girl. We started hanging out now and then, and I started really liking her. And she seems to like me too. So, decided to make a move before she thinks I want to be ‘just friend‘. But, of course, I got freeked out.... I too am afraid I will mess up somewhere. So, how did you guys do it first time? How did you make yourself try?

Maat 10-24-15 06:49 PM

Flirt a little, or ask her out. Don't just go for it. It's more exciting to build it up anyways. Don't skip the first nervous steps of flirting, first dates etc. It'll mean more once the feelings are mutual and its built up.

Graphic 10-26-15 08:58 AM


Get her out for some alone time, where you both can bond and see how you actually like each other hanging out. She's probably thinking the same thing. Start out holding her hand, if she's cool with that, you've got yourself a connection, you can get by with kissing her cheek at the end of a date, and that will always lead to more once you know the time is right.

9/10 They are just as nervous as you are, and just want you to make the first move.

italwaysrains 10-28-15 04:59 AM

I know people are gonna give you dating advice and such. But have you ever thought about platonic relationships?. My best friend in school was a girl, it was great getting to know her without the pressures of an intimate relationship. People have stages in their life, who is to say that your meant to be friends now, develop a loving that transcends physical contact. And maybe be together in the future. In my experience and from observing my friends i see them treat women like shit. If you really love her and care about her maybe that's just how its meant to be for now. The future is a strange thing and she needs to experience life just like you do. In my advice be yourself, don't listen to people and especially don't listen to dating advice because if it's really true love just be yourself. If you follow dating advice your not really being yourself and she isn't really falling in love with the true you. In situations of love sometimes the worst thing you can do is accept your "friends" advice. Just be there for her man, maybe it will work out maybe it wont but you will always be proud you were true to yourself and true to her. Don't plan and make move's, when you do that your not being you. She has to love you for who you are not your best representation in my experience.

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