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mush 10-17-15 05:17 AM

We Will Meet Beyond Happiness
We will meet beyond happiness

Nothing ever happened for her
until she was unrecognizable to herself
and he was irreparably ugly
I have nothing to say
But to try and make new memories

Dreams ground to dust
There is nothing to open up
No threat to never reach this place again
The dawn bleeding at the edges
Seeming to want to melt away
But holding its firm and shattering light
On the natural world filled with wild

We can start over in the four hours between
work and sleep, and waking and eating, and cleaning
We can start over under the stars we can barely see
We're dying for people just like you and me
We're judged because we're childless

Our parents were supposed to carry us
Through Armageddon
The worst failing of religious prophecy to date
Proof that we are alone
A firm and shattering light
And nothing

Her father works for the city
Her mother is dead
No one calls
My mother hated my father
A genius
No one talks

In the phony cheers
the clinks of glasses, gazes, winks, smiles
my upper lip remains slack, covering my teeth
punched too many times, refusing to smile
even though I feel heaven

love you always

Mahala 11-09-15 06:34 PM

Your poem is quite beautiful, and the phrasing compelling and evocative. I read it a few times and felt it come alive more each time. Thanks for sharing it!

mush 11-13-15 12:49 AM

Thank you very much Mahala.

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