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emovampire 10-07-15 09:27 PM

Hey, I am doing ok, he is fine he is at the minute wrapped in the bushes in the viv and I am playing last of us and writing book, doing fanfiction for my first book.

Voices today have been active quite a lot though

Shapeshifter 10-09-15 03:35 PM

Glad you're doing okay. Last of Us is such a beautiful game. My older brother has it and I saw him playing it a few times. The graphics are STUNNING. Just ignore the voices. They can talk all they want, but you don't have to acknowledge them. Most of what they say are lies anyways. Just keep doing what brings you joy. :]

emovampire 10-12-15 03:48 PM

Yeah, I am doing Ok, I am struggling with the Intrusive Thoughts (Sorry Cannot remember the name) And trying to obtain a daily routine.

RavensCry 10-16-15 04:04 PM


Originally Posted by emovampire (Post 2309714)
I have a review with a proper doctor who is looking to diagnose me i=on the 13th.

I just wanted to check in with you to see how your consult with the doctor went. I hope you're feeling better.

emovampire 10-22-15 01:38 PM

Hey thank you I have been to the doctor and going through a bad patch at the minute

RavensCry 10-24-15 07:21 PM

What's going on? Did the Dr have any helpful advice?

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