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emovampire 10-04-15 04:44 PM

Advice on Identifying Multiple Personality and Voices.
Hello there.

For three years I have been hearing like voices or thoughts that I know myself I would not think about in my head. But also I can hear the things too, lie they speak to one another.

Also I think I have several alters or multiple personalities,some are evil and some are giving me a break from my worries. I can remember most of the times they come out and what they do but I feel like I did the things but in a weird way I know it was not me on the time the personality was out of you get me. It is hard to explain I am sorry.

I was hoping we can help each other out on this thread and have a good discussion.

RavensCry 10-04-15 07:51 PM

Auditory hallucinations (such as voices) can be an indicator of psychosis and can be a symptom of conditions such as schizophrenia. However, I would strongly encourage you to get a professional evaluation from a psychologist or psychiatrist. Conditions such as various personality disorders, schizophrenia, etc. are very complex and require a professional to evaluate the patient to come up with a diagnosis. IMO, this is far better than googling terms such as schizophrenia and trying to self-diagnose.

Also, from your other posts on this forum it seems like you are feeling very guilty about things you have done in your past. Counseling/therapy can help with this. Moreover, it is possible that you are wanting to distance yourself from whatever happened in your past that you are still feeling guilty or bad about. Perhaps it is easier for you to deal with those past issues if you can convince yourself that it was "not really you" that was responsible for whatever past actions are still troubling you.

Either way, you should seek out a professional to evaluate you and to help you. I hope you feel better soon.

emovampire 10-04-15 07:58 PM

Yes that does Sound very true. But please dont think I am lying about what ever I may have because I am not. I have said to myself last night that I accept 100% responsibility for what I did at least it was half me.

I have a review with a proper doctor who is looking to diagnose me i=on the 13th. So. I think it is down to mixed feelings as well. For example. I have always wanted a sister. Like Always. Because I wanted that role of being the protector and the person she can trust and always know is there for her. So I have this weird liking to Ellie from the last of us. When I play it. I always have to make sure she is safe and ok. I could go on about the whole I want a sister thing. As I see Ellie as the type of sister as she is confident, can beat the shit out of zombies and is a right little devil. Haha.

I know I need lots of help,and before you think im all cuckoo. I know finding a sister like Ellie is impossible considering she survived so much but thought it might help

Shapeshifter 10-04-15 09:59 PM

Do you literally hear the voice the would you would if some snuck up behind you and honked a horn in your ear? Or is it like in your mind, you feel the voices?

emovampire 10-04-15 10:01 PM

Both, the ones inside are like what I say. "The other personality speaking to me from within" and sometimes I hear them outside my ear, when I am in a room alone dead silent. I am not good at explaining so it may seem like I am making it up, but I am not. Just very complicated,

Shapeshifter 10-05-15 12:32 PM

That's interesting. I have no idea how to cure this condition, cause I'm not sure what causes it in the first place. I know some people resort to taking drugs (medically prescribed) and I believe some people even go to deliverance ministries to cast out 'demons' they believe are behind it. You might want to look into both of those options, cause who knows what causes it.

emovampire 10-05-15 06:12 PM

I know I have a lot of what it is called Instructive Thoughts. But I can normally tell the difference between Instructive to a "Voice" Or what I think it is.

How was your day today bro?

RavensCry 10-05-15 09:25 PM

I'm glad you've scheduled an appointment with the doctor. It's important that you describe your symptoms and how you're feeling as candidly as possible when you see the Dr.

BTW, what do you mean by "instructive voices"? Do you mean the voices are telling you to do stuff? Or do you mean that your own thoughts are telling you to do stuff?

If voices or your own thoughts are telling you bad stuff, just ignore them, but tell the Dr. about your experiences.

Take care.

emovampire 10-05-15 09:33 PM

I do ignore them quite well but they say very disturbing things, also they come and go.

I am doing my up most to not listen to them and ignore them, put it is putting a strain as sometimes its like. Are they really saying they are my thoughts just said in voices?

Shapeshifter 10-07-15 03:44 PM


Originally Posted by emovampire (Post 2310730)
I know I have a lot of what it is called Instructive Thoughts. But I can normally tell the difference between Instructive to a "Voice" Or what I think it is.

How was your day today bro?

Hey buddy. Sorry it took me so long to respond. I had school yesterday. Today is much better. haha

How is your day going? How is your pet snake?

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