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whyshouldilive 08-30-06 04:38 PM

I DID IT!!!!
i have finally talked to my dad today... thank god... i almost killed him and myself last night. i cried my heart out to him.... and im glad that i did cuz he finally apologized for all of the times he has hit me and kicked the shit outta me... he promised me that he would never do it again....but i cant be too sure of that... thanks for all of the support.

living dead girl 08-30-06 04:43 PM

omg i am so proud of you!! good for you!! wow, i am so glad you found the inner strength to make a stand!! all i can say is great job and im so proud!!

rosa_sanguina 08-30-06 05:30 PM

GOOOOOO YOUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DITOS89 08-30-06 06:15 PM

well done i am sooooo pleased for you, that must have takena lot of courage but its a step in the right direction:)-Holly x

irishred 08-30-06 07:58 PM

Say what??? You are awesome.

I cannot say how proud I am of you, whyshouldilive. You have done a lot of hard work this week and should be proud of yourself as well.

True, maybe dad will do it again, but maybe not. The talk may have allowed him to see how much damage he is doing to you mentally and physically. Maybe it was his wake up call.

At any rate, you met the challenge. Very nice. Happy thoughts for you!!


whyshouldilive 08-31-06 12:45 AM

yeah thanks!!!! but u no what the weird thing was???? tonight, when i came home, i walked into the house and i heard him crying. it made me cry. i think that he finally figured out that him taking his anger out on me will only make me wanna not be around. he said that he had enrolled himself into therapy and anger management classes. i really do hope that it all works for him. i never wanna be beaten again. NEVER!!!!! but i have a feeling that if he does, then i might just end up killing him. all of the anger i have towards him will never go away. i definetly will be careful when i am around him. i just hope that when he comes home tonight, that he wont be drunk cuz then that means that i will get it again.

jstreba1 08-31-06 12:49 AM

im so proud of u!!!! good job!!!!

whyshouldilive 08-31-06 12:51 AM

thanks it was really hard though

Aries 08-31-06 01:53 AM

Good for you! I hope that things will continue to get better for both of you dear!!!



angel4peace 09-01-06 03:09 AM

I am so happy for you and proud of you.. you have so much courage.

You do not deserve to be abused , thank you for taking care of yourself in a healthy manner

Good for dad for signing up for anger management and therapy it is a good start.

I cannot imagine the hell he went through that he would treat his beloved child like that. It must have been hell.

I pray he is healing whatever broke his heart.
Now , I would think it is time for you to heal your heart too, or you might end up doing to your child someday what he did for you.
If you have that much anger that you fear you would kill him....
You both have work to do.
And, you do not have to let anyone beat you ever again.
You are loved, you have family here.

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