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square 03-06-09 05:40 PM

Losing weight: Anyone here read The Gabriel Method?
I've been trying to lose weight since the middle of January, and so far have lost about fifteen pounds. I recently heard this guy Jon Gabriel on a radio show, and thought his ideas were pretty fascinating. I picked up his book and downloaded the CD from his web site. He uses nothing but mental and emotional strategies to help people lose weight, and I swear that nothing has ever made more sense to me. He discusses how for a lot of overweight people, fat is an emotional shield. He himself lost over 200 pounds using the method he came up with.

I just got the book last week, so I'm just now putting it to practice, but I recommend it to any of you who are struggling with weight. Since this is a depression forum, I imagine that many of you, like me, have weight issues due almost entirely to emotional problems. This book may really help you to get past some of them.

Zoe 03-06-09 05:51 PM

OH cool whats the book called?

Charli Ferguson 03-06-09 06:03 PM

oh yes do tell dear!!

engima 03-07-09 01:10 AM

Does it also talk about your comfort zone or how big you think you should 'be'? If so I would totally get it.

Crystaltears 03-08-09 08:27 PM

thank you i also would be interested in this. what is the title of it? can it be bought in stores?(sorry dumb question)

square 04-09-09 04:26 PM

Sorry I was gone for so long! I just saw all your replies today.

Anyway, the book is called The Gabriel Method by Jon Gabriel. So far I've found it very helpful and it makes so much sense. The only thing is, for people like us, you really have to work on your depression and hidden issues for this program to work. I've put working with it on hold until I can afford to start therapy. Otherwise, I see little point in trying it. The whole method is based around finding out why your body wants to stay fat to protect itself, the emotional self in our cases. I think the premise is brilliant, but it takes work to get through these body issues we have in order for the program to work its magic. I highly recommend checking it out. It's cheap on eBay, but you can find it in bookstores, too.

hiphopopotamas 04-09-09 05:30 PM

Thank you so much, square. Thank you so much. Thank you thank you thank you..Finally something comes along, and worked for someone in my type of situation. Here's another chance at hope! :)

Delta40 04-09-09 06:14 PM

Thats documented already. Even Dr Phils book looks at that. I believe it too. On Oprah the Australian Peter Walsh believes you won't have a dogs chance of losing weight until you declutter your own home because external clutter is simply an expression of the internal chaos going on within

I'm a bit suspicious of the before and after photos having seen fat people work out and still be stuck with an excess of skin, yet he is this buff guy!

However, if one can declutter the mind and pinpoint the barrier which keeps them in that state and deconstruct it, then good!

square 04-09-09 08:33 PM

Jon Gabriel claims that losing weight the way he did prevented him from having the post-weight loss flab, loose skin, and stretch marks. He talks about it in the book, and says that even doctors are amazed how his body bounced back after weighing nearly 400 pounds for years. He believes that because his body "wanted" to become thin again, that he was spared the loose skin, etc. He believes it's because his body wasn't struggling to lose weight on a diet, but wanting to lose weight to become its healthy self. If that happens for me, then I will be amazed because I already do have bad stretch marks and some loose skin in areas, but hey, I'm going to try it.

People have talked about this concept before now, but his book has a good way of making it clear and putting it to use. He was almost involved in one of the September 11 plane hijackings, and apparently surviving that inspired him to get healthy, and he did it and wrote this book. I find that his meditation CD is very helpful as well, but like I said, I am not out of the emotional woods yet and probably won't go further with the book until I have cleared up some things. I honestly believe this theory is very true and will eventually help me to get down to a healthier, natural weight. My body wants to stay fat because that's how I got through hard times as a teenager, and now it feels safe being covered up by its own fat. I have to teach myself to feel safe without covering myself up under layers.

Delta40 04-09-09 08:38 PM

The guy comes from Denmark in WA doesn't he?

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