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saya 07-19-15 03:49 AM

That one song that gets you PUMPED?
Anyone have that one song that just gets you pumped for anything?

Mine personally is Get Away- The Internet.

Anything from you guys?

Soroforph 07-20-15 06:08 PM

For me it's a genre that gets me pumped. Industrial metal or heavy metal.

Yet, there is one song that gets me going for sure. It is Rammstein by Rammstein. I can't help but move my head on its perfect beat.

bubblebear 07-24-15 11:34 AM

this one makes me feel more hopeful - Labrinth : Beaneath your beautiful :))

Shacke 07-24-15 01:35 PM

Bullet For My Valentine - Temper, Temper

emily is broken 08-13-15 07:10 AM

mine is pure flow by superchick.i used to get up in the mornings, play that song on full volume, and that was me set up for the day. also atlantis by the shadows. it's an instrimental but it makes me feel really good

sherrycat 08-13-15 11:20 AM

EMINEM-Till i collapse

Xerxes 08-14-15 07:55 AM

^Same for me, that's a great song :smile:

This is from a game I used to play a number of years ago, not the kind of thing I usually listen to but it gets me pretty pumped.


Juno 08-15-15 12:06 AM

Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen
Know - System of a Down
Demanufacture and Self Bias Resistor - Fear Factory
The Middle - Jimmy Eat World

Drizzle12 01-16-16 11:13 AM

The ghost inside
I like some metalcore myself

StillLife 01-19-16 03:11 PM

InI - Step Up

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