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sherrycat 07-17-15 04:07 AM

I. Miss my aunt and
She was so non judgemental I love her

andrewmcspandrew 07-18-15 04:26 AM

I'm really sorry you lost someone you love so much.

sherrycat 07-18-15 05:03 AM

Thank you

andrewmcspandrew 07-18-15 05:07 AM

If you want to talk- I'll be online for a while yet :=]

sherrycat 07-19-15 10:49 PM

thank you ...her funeral is still not decided it will be this week sometime just waiitng for relatives from out of the country i miss her so much

sherrycat 07-22-15 12:27 PM

My aunts funeral is tomorrow I miss her so much

KRSukaru 07-22-15 12:59 PM

I am sorry for your lose:hug:

sherrycat 07-22-15 11:49 PM

thank you

sherrycat 07-23-15 05:10 PM

the funeral was very sad i miss my aunt so much.......im so relieved that my brother didnt show up.....my cousin did but he only scared me when he was trying to talk to me in the kitchen after the funeral ....but i walked away very fast so he didnt get the chance to..im happy that my bf and mom were there for me it eased my mind there so supportive ...and im happy that my dad kept his word and told my brother not to show up....

sherrycat 07-23-15 05:33 PM

i just now pray that everything goes well when my psychatrist talks to my dad but if it doesnt i will be sad but i am aware that may happen.... but i pray that it my dad doesnt side with my brother i love my dad and i just want him to be proud of me...im so happy that my dad did make it clear for my brother not to come to the funeral and my brother didnt show up

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