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sherrycat 07-14-15 01:53 AM

Can BPD /PTSD/BIPOLAR disorders lead to paranoia ?
i have been diagnosed with BPD/PTSD/BIPOLAR i sometimes feel paranoid about things....like sometimes i think my brother has hacked into all my electronic devices ...and that if i ever did expose him everything will be turned against me... im ridiculous ...my stepmom came to visit me today and i think that its possible that she only came to visit me because my brother told her too and to see if i told anyone what he did to me...the hospital hasnt given me my usual psych medication because it will conflict with ulcer treatment they say

YouMatter 07-14-15 05:47 AM

Sherrycat I'm going to say something to you that, I have absolutely no doubt, you will have heard hundreds of times before. When you have a physical illness, displeyed with the appropriate apparel of bandages, walking sticks, wheelchairs etc., people immediately react with due respect and, possibly, a certain amount of sympathy and understanding. When you have a severe mental illness people never seem to be aware that you are just as ill as the person displaying those physical symptoms.

I think firstly, you need to understand yourself and accept that you are struggling with a very severe illness, just as severe as someone suffering from severe arthritis for example. Your illness affects your everyday life, just as much as someone who finds it difficult to move around is affected by their illness.

"Paranoid." That word is horrible isn't it? It is a label that covers just about everything from someone who has worrying thoughts to an out and out criminally insane person who wants to harm everyone. It is hardly surprising that (to non-sufferers of a mental health problem and the ignorant) it is a word that fills people with fear, including the person who is suffering. It doesn't mean that you are not as valid a person as everyone around you.

OK now, you know that you are having some strange ideas, worrying ideas, that people are wishing you harm or out to get you. The reason I typed all that above is to help you recognise that you are ill. You are getting these worrying thoughts because you are ill. Unfortunately your illness isn't as easy for others to recognise and your fear is difficult for them to understand.

So sit down with your brother and discuss the fact that you have an illness. Perhaps the two of you can come up with some kind of coping strategy for when you get these thoughts?

I think it is important for you to recognise that these thoughts are coming to you as a result of your illness, just like someone limping would be because they have hurt their leg or foot.

Sherrycat don't in any way let feelings of shame, embarrassment or guilt eat way at any confidence you have left. Next time you get thoughts like this try your best to remind yourself you are getting them because you are ill and they will pass when that phase of your illness wears off. Your tablets will help you minimize these attacks to your rational mind.

I hope you are getting some specialist help now you have been given this diagnosis. This is a bit of a nightmare for you, isn't it.

Just sending you hugs. :)

bubblebear 07-14-15 08:52 AM

yah defo. esp with the BPD. its very normal and common :) its easy for me to say this but i think reminding yourself that thoughts are just thoughts, and are not neccessarily true might be helpful in combating these thougths. and i read soemwhere before that when we are not well, sometimes we cant always trust our judgement u know - cos our minds arent in a great place atm. that's easier said that done. but like the poster above me said, maybe reaching out with your broter might help? if he understood u more maybe it would in turn help him learn and support you? it is difficult though, so remember to try not to be too hard on urself if you're not doing so well :)


sherrycat 07-14-15 10:39 AM

Thank you both for your responses. ..I appreciate you reaching out to me ....I'm planning to transition from hospial to a rehab facility I'm going to go one way or another im finding a way to get there regardless if my parents are able to help me right now or not I'm still at the hospital my parents are visiting me later today so is my stepmom and karen. My psychiatrist and bf and are the only ones right now that I know support me going to rehab. ...my bf has helped me so much. ...I'm very thankful to be alive

sherrycat 07-14-15 10:47 AM

The only person I know that doesn't and will never have my best interest in mind is my brother. ..that is the past I have to focus on recovery now

sherrycat 07-14-15 10:48 AM


sherrycat 07-14-15 10:55 AM

:hug: I hope one of my sponsors whom stopped talking to me because of my actions talks to me after I finish rehab I miss her so much I still talk to my other sponsor and I am grateful that she still talks to me I feel very optimistic and hopeful today

sherrycat 07-14-15 11:32 AM

If my parents can't help me financially now since I have to go to rehab without a wait list and pay upfront I don't want to ask my stepmom or karen for a loan but I will worse case senario...I will find out later today but whatever it takes I am doing to go to rehab not home when I get released from here

sherrycat 07-19-15 11:34 PM

Does anyone think that its possible for bpd/ptsd/bipolar to lead to psychosis then schizophrenia ? i dont think it is, necessarly when the abuse that caused the above issues is resolved.. Any thoughts ?:confused:

sherrycat 07-22-15 11:54 AM

I'm going to see my psychiatrist soon were going to talk about how she will talk to my dad and brother when she sees them..I'm also going to tell her about my paranoia.....how I think my brother hacks into my phone and email. ...I know it sounds ridiculous

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