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sherrycat 07-11-15 12:27 PM

What is the worst hospital food that you have had ?
Consume soup and vitamin supplement drink

jenagade 07-12-15 07:38 AM

Pictures say a thousand words, 10 points if you can guess what that is supposed to be

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Drizzle12 07-12-15 01:08 PM

Roll mop which i s pickled fish

sherrycat 07-12-15 01:09 PM

Eww it looks like some sort of pasta or some sort of pastry stuffed thing like a pizza pocket. ...what is it

jenagade 07-13-15 12:47 AM

Its tempeh, hospitals seem to go to one extreme or the other when it comes to dealing with vegetarians, the rest of the time there I had mashed potato, learnt my lesson about getting the actual vegetarian dish lol.

lucid lunacy 07-13-15 04:44 AM

It's one of many things I hated about being stuck in the mental hospital 5 years ago. 35 days in a row of hospital food. About 33% of it was edible. The only thing I liked is that I got them to switch breakfast for me for 2 sets of chocolate milk but they refused when I told them I'm used to eating once a day.

As someone with a decent amount of experience in the restauration business, I really can't blame them though. They usually have to make 1500-3000 meals a day depending on the size of the hospital and they can't use most spices because a lot of people have their digestive system in bad shapes either because of illnesses related to it or severely weakened because they are on antibiotics that ruins their intestinal flora. They also have to make it so people who can't chew can still eat. They cannot use salt because of all those with atheroscleroscis or other illnesses related to the heart and blood stream. They also have to ensure there are some meals that are Kosher and Hallal. On top of that, they have hundreds of custom menus and they have to make sure each of them reaches the right person in the hospital. It's also a really thankless job, people hate them. They are paid well though.

If it's like prisons, they might have the kosher and hallal meals made elsewhere and they simply heat it though so it may or may not get you better meals to pretend to be one of the two for better food.

Lost One 03-02-16 10:03 AM

As a kid, I loved Angel Food cake. I compound fractured my lower left leg during the summer not too long before starting the fourth grade. While I was in the hospital they would bring a menu around and you would pick what you wanted to eat. I remember getting excited when I saw Angel Food cake as one of the deserts. I was so looking forward to it. I don't how you ruin Angel Food cake but they sure as hell managed to!....YUK!

P.S. As an adult, I still like Angel Food cake.

gggsarah 12-11-19 11:14 AM

Turkey pie. Or anything with red meat in it, everything was hard to chew and swallow.

GigglyLife 01-19-21 08:01 AM

I was served a pasta that was very dry, you won't be able to eat it

ayesha23 01-20-21 09:38 AM

I don't like anything served at a hospital. the breakfasts are usually really bland, the food for dinner is hardly filling and the drinks (especially so called warm drinks) arn't really that warm.

as for worst... probably their version of spaghetti, or their beans, not even their fries impress me.

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