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InSearchOfPeople 06-28-15 07:38 PM

Supplements that help physical and mental health
I like to try supplements. I do researches on them and see how they can enhance my life, when I am out of my depression.

I started when I was severely sick with hyper thyroid and lost half of my hair. I didn't find anything to help me grow my hair back, as this process seems so fragile, the smallest amount of stress just throws away tons of efforts and time spent taking supplements trying to regrow anything, but I learnt a lot about many supplements and vitamins that I believe were and are beneficial to some extent.

I was once crazy and took sibutramine and few months later was taking prescriptional amphetamines, that was a bad decision. Sibutramine is very harmful, though thank God, I stopped before it hurt me and even got some benefits. Amphetamines were purely harmful in the long run. So I am back to herbs, vitamins and supplements.

I have been trying a new supplement. I've tried it before but I did it wrong first time. Second time I am trying to do it the right way.

I am no doctor and it's not a medical advice, just pure my own personal experience and what I read online.

I am trying diatomaceous earth. I mix a table spoon of it in a cup of water with fresh lemon juice and a splash of bentonite detox. I drink it first thing in the morning on empty stomach. After that I don't eat and most importantly NO SWEETS, no even fruits.

I have been feeling so much better so far. Not only physically, but emotionally and mentally. It curves the appetite and feels like my mind is so clear, focused and sober, I even have more energy.

It is very important to not eat anything sweet, because it cancels the effect.

Sometimes you can get diarrhea from that, so be prepared if that happens.

May be it can help someone else :hug::hug::hug:

Please share if you have any positive experience with supplements :smile:

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