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JustVisiting 06-02-15 05:59 PM

Guilt over needing a root canal
Does anyone else feel anxiety and guilt over medical issues? I just found out today I need a root canal and crown. I feel like I'm a terrible person for needing so much dental work done. I didn't go to the dentist for awhile because my work/financial situation sucked. Also, a medication I'm on could be contributing to the problem as it suppresses my immune system, and I'm not able to fight off bacteria in my mouth as well. I still feel that it's all 100% my fault and I feel actual guilt over it.

123Noon321 06-03-15 05:34 PM

Dont worry about it :hug:

How we treat our body is how we reflect on our minds usually. I think we all have a minor autodestructive thing in us. We all do some things that are bad for our body, but that is almost inevitable.

Try not to be worried, its just a procedure. But if you are feeling like that it is your fault, it is, but there should be no regret there, there is no use in it. You can either choose to live with it, or to fix yourself and prevent future health issues, at least thats my opinion on subject.

I am sorry if i may sounded a bit cruel, it isnt my intention :hug: :hug: :hug:

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