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XXC 05-19-15 11:35 AM

What helps you sleep?
My tricks aren't helping like they used to, so what things have you guys found that help?

123Noon321 05-19-15 03:46 PM

To quickly fall asleep, i usually just lay down and think about the day that just ended and let myself sink in. But i havent sleep for 2 nights already, so i should probably try and get some rest soon, lol.

Dark Witch 05-19-15 06:57 PM

Try taking melatonin when you have trouble falling asleep.

DPG1 05-19-15 09:45 PM

Soft classical music played quietly helps me at times.

XXC 05-19-15 11:37 PM

I've tried melatonin, it doesn't do anything. Ambien ER stopped working. I've started playing planet earth on my phone at night(well morning since I work at night), just so the sound is playing but the screen is off. That seems to be helping. For now.

MajesticWorld 05-20-15 01:07 AM

Full body showers before sleep

MajesticWorld 05-20-15 01:16 AM

Drinking milk before sleeping helps too for some.

Also, I've read that drinking citrusy stuff helps you get sleepy. This actually works for me too. Well, I have these Halls Defense candy with the grapefruit flavor. Every time I take one of those, no matter what I do, I get groggy. Idk if it will work for you, but it sure heck works for me.

XXC 05-20-15 02:13 AM

Well I've never heard of citrus helping. I'll have to try that. Thanks!

MajesticWorld 05-20-15 05:41 AM

8 secrets to a good night's sleep - Harvard Health

Check out this link too

MajesticWorld 05-20-15 06:00 AM

Food for thought:
What makes one have problems with sleep may be due to vitamin and mineral imbalances, which is why citrus fruits (high in vitamins) could help one with falling asleep.

Check out this article too for more informations of what types of food could help you with sleep(:

Eat your way to better sleep | Daily Mail Online

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