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GravityBomber 05-16-15 12:15 AM

Birdsong: to bird owners and fans
The question is to anyone with birdies in the family but enjoyment of the birds is for anyone. I just have a fun little question: what's the birdsong of the little guys like over there?

One of the three birds living with the family is a cockatiel named Boreas. His birdsong is...cute in a very strange way. The only reason I can tell that he's not singing the same note over and over again is that I've trained my ear listening to a lot of contemporary classical music that uses far more than twelve tones per octave. Sure, he occasionally will have a one- or two-step jump in his song, but usually the intervals he uses are a lot smaller than a half-step. Best part is, it's not even in a sing-song sort of way. He's a tone-deaf birdie and I find it so cute.

Yeah, the rest of the family tries getting him to whistle something that's more along the lines of music as we know it, but I try following him when he whistles his little atonal micro-intervals. I like his tone-deaf birdsong for what it is. It's just cute.

WhenAutumnEnds 06-01-15 06:31 PM

Haha, that is really cute!
I have never owned a pet bird, but I am an ornithologist by training, and currently by profession, so I enjoy and am very good at identifying bird species by ear. One of the funnest things for me is trying to to identify individuals that frequent my yard by their individual voices and how they vary in singing or sqwaking their songs and calls... very fun thing to do!
With your ear trained to your cute little tone-deaf cockatiel, you would be really good at birding by ear - you should try it!

lilly 08-11-15 09:38 PM

Hiya i had a cockatiel when i was younger. yeah they are very screechy kind of voice and yeah i used to love mine too. He did sometimes sing a tune my dad taught him. He was lovely. I have zebra finches now and they have a sort of like a squeek like a dogs squeeky toy sort of meep meep! But my male sings he has quite a nice voice actualy . I sing to him most days and get him going he does respond to my voice now. And when im not around i play classical music on the radio to them so they dont have silence. Cos i live by myself.
I could get a squeeky toy and see what they think of it....if they think its another of their own kind. I have 7 altogether in a large cage in my lounge . I love em! They get lettuice and all sorts of greens . Im going to grow some dandelions and chickweed for them in tubs inside. Maybe some other good weeds and herbs for them. And il have some of their herbs too for me. No to the weeds though. DOnt fancy them on my salad although you can eat dandilion leaves! Blauh!

emily is broken 08-13-15 06:13 AM

i own budgies.though i've never actually heard them sing proper.. only really using 1 note. i like listening to robbins and sparrows in the early morning.they sound lovely from my window

Molurus Bivittatus 09-07-15 11:44 PM

No pet birds here but wild ones.

I used to live near scrubland and in the summer at about 03.00 you would hear the first little tweets or the dawn chorus. I would open a window so the sound filled the room as more birds joined in. By 04.00 it was almost deafening and getting light during the summer, but so soothing and beautiful, it was worth staying up for. By that time and feeling tired and sleepy my bed was calling me so I would crawl into it and fall asleep to the lovely sound of the birdsong of the dawn chorus.

this does not happen where I live now and it is missed so much. the song birds here are in decline, sadly. This is due to all kinds of things, habitat destruction and other human interference, in some cases illegal egg collecting, cars, cats and other invasive non native predatory species that in some cases have been released into the wild by animal rights nutters.

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