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XXC 05-11-15 11:06 PM

Surreal Feeling
I often get this surreal feeling that lasts for a few hours, if not all day. It makes it very hard to concentrate or see straight, it's like when you wake up real early and are still half asleep. Caffeine doesn't help it though. Anyone else deal with this and have any tips on how to get out of it?

Blueeyes96 05-12-15 08:29 PM

It could be caused by a few things.
Not eating enough, not sleeping enough, looking at a phone or computer screen for a long time, losing weight etc..
I am currently batteling a eating disorder so when I restrict too many calories or when I am losing weight I get tired and just feel out of it. I spend a lot of time on my phone trying to distract myself and when I look up I can't see as clear

XXC 05-13-15 09:46 AM

Well I haven't changed weight in awhile, so I don't think it's that. Could be sleep related since it does usually happen immediately when I wake up or within a few hours of waking up and then it'll stop later in the day. It's hard to tell though because my sleep is sometimes sporadic. Or it could be anxiety. I should probably mention it to my therapist and see what she says. I was going to at my last appointment but I forgot.

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