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Ella 05-08-15 06:22 PM

New forum layout, what do you think?
Dear Members,

We have moved the forums around a bit so that it will (hopefully) be a bit easier to find threads here and participate on the forum. Please let me know what you think about the new forums and the organization. I will explain the changes we've made here.

We have added a new Treatment and Resources category. This is to emphasize that there is treatment to be found for depression, and to explain what depression is and where to get help. We will post information about depression, treatment options and such in the new About Depression forum. This will not be a open forum for members to post in, but if you have any suggestions about information you think we should include in this forum, please do let us know by replying here or posting in Contact Moderators. :smile: We have moved the Treatment forums to this category.

In the Lighter Side category we have split up some of the forums, so that members can more easily see new chat threads and interact with each other. We split up the Diversions forum into Hobbies and Games and Creativity.

We have also added a Questions and Comments category, with a FAQ forum where we will post common questions we receive from members, and a Community Box where members can post general messages or ask questions to the whole TTL community.

This is the layout of the forum after our recent changes. We have added some new forums (marked in red), moved some forums (marked in blue) and renamed others (marked in green):

Forum Announcements

Official Guidelines
These are the rules for being a member here. Please read before posting.


Announcements from the TTL Team.


New member? Start a new topic to introduce yourself. Please save substantive discussions for the appropriate forums.

Treatment and Resources

Learn about depression and suicide and what can help.
About Depression, Depression News, Success Stories, Suicide Prevention


Alternative Treatment, Exercising, Prescription Medication, Therapy


Discuss depression with people who care.
Depression, Troubled Loved Ones

Post about suicide here.
Suicide, Lost to Suicide

Mental and Physical Health
A place to talk about other mental and physical illnesses.
Abuse, Anxiety, Bipolar, Eating Disorders, OCD, Physical Health, Self-Harm, Sexual Abuse, Substance Abuse

Personal Issues
Discuss challenges related to gender, sexuality and relationships here.
Family Issues, Female Issues, Friendships, LGBT, Love and Relationships, Male Issues, Self-Esteem

Life's Other Challenges
Discuss other challenges you face here.
Employment, Faith, Grieving, Other Challenges, School

Feeding the Fire
Sometimes the only way past it is through it...
Creative Depression Writing, Depressing Music and Movies, Depression Poetry, Member Journals, Private Journals, Venting

The Lighter Side

Feel better - if only for a moment! Check out these inspirational resources.
Fun, Getting Better, Goals, Inspirational Music and Movies, Inspirational Pictures, Inspirational Quites and Stories, Things that make you happy

Share your hobbies and discuss your interests with other members.
Book Club, Dreams, Food and Drink, Movies, Music and TV, Other Hobbies, Science and Technology, Sports, The Pet Place

Games and Creativity
A place to play games and be creative!
Art Gallery, Creative Writing, Game, Roleplay

The TTL Community
Chat and share thoughts unrelated to depression or suicide with your friends at TTL.
The TTL Cafè, News, TTL Chat (link)

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Contact Moderators
Contact the TTL Team. Only administrators and moderators can see your threads and posts in this forum.

Contact Technical Staff
This section is reserved for the functionality of the forum ONLY. Thanks.

Questions and Comments

Do you have questions or comments for the whole TTL community? Share them here.
FAQ, Suggestions, Community Box

What do you think? Any suggestions and comments are welcome. :smile:

- Ella

XXC 05-10-15 08:25 PM

Does this change it so member journals can be seen by guests?

EmpatheticThoughts 05-11-15 03:48 AM

I would like to know that answer, but I like what I see so far. :smile:

Ella 05-11-15 09:27 AM

XXC, the member journals are still invisible to guests, yes. They can see that the forum exists, but not read any of the posts in there. I hope this puts your mind at ease.

I'm glad to hear that you like what you see 20something. :smile:

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