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Juno 01-25-09 09:11 PM

Coach not sorry for 100-0 basketball win
A couple of high school teams in Texas played each other and the outcome was 100-0. The winning team was still dropping three pointers late into the game. The team they were playing is made up of girls with learning disorders. The douchebag should be sorry, and ashamed.

Venom 01-25-09 09:30 PM

so a normal team clobbered a mentally disabled team?

only in texas... smh @ this state

Sweet Denial 01-26-09 10:58 PM

That's so horrible. He should be sorry and ashamed. That's almost disgraceful and heartless, to do something like that! I'm so freaking appalled right now, you have no idea.

Venom 02-04-09 03:56 PM

it's texas, the land of "shut the fuck up and don't fuck with us". God I hate this state. I was gonna get my plates and ID changed over to Texas but hell no I don't wanna be a citizen of this barbaric insane place. Mississippi might be worse off, but we don't give hard time for non-violent crimes and fill the jail up so the state can make money off it. And the things they do down here are retarded. That's just not right, I used to attend the mentally retarded they could have let them have a win they don't have much to look forward to and are often very depressed. This is bullshit period.

Zoe 02-06-09 06:40 PM

wow that's so sad

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