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whatagurl 08-27-06 10:41 PM

I feel better
today i am having a great day.feeling happy for once.i wrote a lot of poems,went running and looked for a job.still got to feel out the applications though.thanks for being there for me.

Aries 08-27-06 10:45 PM

I'm very happy to hear that you're having a great day! I know there's more to come dear, just believe it! You keep going with that awsome attitude!



tiggrr 08-27-06 10:55 PM

Great, your back! :D :shock:

You did way more than I did!

distorted innocence 08-27-06 10:56 PM

yay!!! the girl i talked to the other day is back!!!

i am so happy for you!! keep it up!!!!!!! :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

whatagurl 08-27-06 11:08 PM

i'm trying to make a change in my life.for the better.

Aries 08-27-06 11:09 PM

That's all we can do, is try to make a change for the better! Good for you & you keep it up!!! :mrgreen:



whatagurl 08-27-06 11:11 PM

thank you guys for helping me.

distorted innocence 08-27-06 11:13 PM

thats what we are here for!!!!!!

is it safe to throw those numbers out

whatagurl 08-27-06 11:14 PM

i don't know

distorted innocence 08-27-06 11:16 PM

i will keep it for safe keeping!!! :wink:

i am glad that you ate better though!!!!!!!!

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