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Dendoris 04-10-15 06:48 PM

Art, the savior of human life and human's soul
By reading the title, you just saw how I view art in general.

Let me tell you a short story : currently i am 20 years old and i suffer from depression. Most of the time i.m in lows but sometimes I kinda feel something that is close to happiness or maybe happiness, i don.t know.

In highschool i studyed a specialisation that is called " social science ". I studyed art ( painting, music, literature ) in form of history, styles, shapes, stuff like that but romanian literature was on top of course so that means that i have some knowladge about poetry and how to write a book.
For some time, i have this idea to create stuff like poetry ( maybe make something beautiful for the human soul and in time, reaching that level where what i create it becomes art that is appreciated in literature ) and to write in epic genre, something like my story to help in a way or another by providing maybe a good read or for peope with depression it can be helpful i guess in some way, eighter by reading it or seeing that someone has what you have and how they dealt with it.

What do you say? Should i do it? On what kind of site whit writings shall i upload stuff?

Also about poetry, can someone explain to me how to write them in english? I mean that i know how to write in romanian style, how rhymes work, stuff like that but in english i have no idea.

Mike77 04-15-15 11:37 AM

Hi there. As for your question "Should I upload my writing to possibly help people with depression?" Of course you should. Even if you think that your work is not worth much, the best way to find out for sure, would be to let the other people to tell you what they think about it. after all, you're writing for others to read it, so their opinion is relevant.
I feel bit sorry about your depression, given your age, as you've said, you've studied sociology so you do understand human behaviour is not always as we wish it would.
If you wish to create poetry in english, that's going to be very hard in your case. Your english seems to be rather good. If you're determined to write poetry in english, then you've got two options, first: write it in your language and let someone to translate it, it can be done, you can read poems translated to english originally written in different language. Second option is to read and study english works, but this could take many years of your time. It is only my opinion, I do not even enjoy poetry to be honest, I am more into paintings, architecture and classical music.
I wish you good luck in whatever you're going to do. I am not sure, but there might be some poet's forum (- The Poet's Forum -) where you can get lot more help?

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