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Melanistic 04-06-15 09:27 AM

Some of my art - Opinions Needed
Hey guys :) Just thought I'd share some of my art. I'm about to start doing art commissions and I need opinions on my art and what can be improved. Also, in your opinion after looking more-so at the Dogo Argentino drawing, how much should I price my art?http://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/15...d46d8b3998.jpghttp://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/15...e3b0754ba7.jpghttp://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/15...ccefb40c2d.jpg
The first is a Dogo Argentino. The second is a sketch of a Cane Corso and the third is a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog that I drew awhile back. I'll try to post more art weekly in a new thread.

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123Noon321 04-06-15 05:11 PM

Pretty great drawings! I wish i could draw like that! :)

I am really clueless about art and evaluating it, but those are great drawings! :)

I think you maybe should look up for prices of similar level of art over internet. there are people that sell it online. So try to base your price via that.

I hope some artistic soul will try to give you some tips here. :hug:

Dave86 04-06-15 11:34 PM

While I have no idea how to appraise what art is worth
just want to say you have got some real talent.

Drizzle12 08-15-15 06:29 AM

:thumbsup: I'm very impressed you have flair and your own style. I go to art classes.

iNdulge 08-18-15 04:15 AM

I remember an art meeting I went to once, & we discussed price points. This was awhile ago, mind you.

What is YOUR Art worth to you? I think that's a hard question, obviously. How long does it take you? What is the medium used, & was it expensive? Could you have it framed, what might that cost, & would you add more of a price point for doing so? Will it cover the cost of where you're displaying it? Have you ever entered into a contest or gallery? Do you have a fan base? ect ect

The above questions are good to consider when figuring out what you might want to sell it at.

Also, have you checked out places like Etsy or FanArtReview dot com? You can sell your Art there, & people can help critique it as well.

iNdulge 08-18-15 04:17 AM

P.S., that last photo, you've got a nice little orb floating there. :)

tiancai 10-09-15 11:19 AM

wow cool!!! love them!!

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