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tessamess 04-05-15 08:50 PM

Sometimes you just gotta be selfish
It's about preserving your sanity and damage contol.
For about a month, I just stayed away from all social stuff. My husband went out alone and I am totally fine with it. But yesterday I went to a little kid's birthday party. And my old friends were all there, and I was pleasant and chatty..and jittery! But I pulled it off. On the way home I realized I had a giant headache. And when I got home it was like tylenol pm and a heat pad on my head and face.
Today I got up early, made a bunch of food for everyone, stuff I won't eat. Then I went to bed for five hours! Seriously, I was just so exhausted.
I feel better when I am just with my husband and grown kids. And the dogs and cats and sitting inmy yard watching the chickens and just breathing :)
So, it might seem anti social, maybe selfish, but it's good :) I used to warn people when I was about to go on communication blackouts, then feel guilty after a few days and eventually force myself to participate. But this month of hermitage, wonderful. Peace and hours of not having to even speak.
Also, off meds right now. And except for last night, I actually feel level. Which is sort of weird, feeling level, but I'm gonna savor it :)

Crystal Orb 04-05-15 09:07 PM

^ Second this.

123Noon321 04-06-15 06:01 PM

:hug: :hug: :hug: ((((((((((((((((((tess)))))))))))))) :hug: :hug: :hug:

I am glad you are feeling better

tessamess 08-04-15 02:28 PM

damage control...have to have communication blackout again.

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