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vishnu prasad 03-31-15 12:42 AM

Maladaptive Daydreaming
I'm suffering from maladaptive daydreaming. Of course it's not an illness, but it have impact on my life.
I use to do day dream from as long as i remember. I can do it at any length of time,anywhere. That's where I get most relaxation. But ill-effect is that I were not able to make my studies properly during those age due to this habit and lack of concentration. Due to my father's effort i got admission for engineering in a decent college. But I couldn't pass out on time though I managed it late.
Then it was my brother-in-law's turn and he referred me to a small company. I'm still working there. I have been working there for more than two years. As of now I'm the senior most with age and experience. But I am not yet given confirmation for my job. There has been no salary increment so far.There are other 5 staffs who was given job confirmations and increment. I can't put blame on my manager for my irresponsibility.
I know I have limitations.But if I put up an effort I could have been better employed. My classmates are married and settled with their life.But I build a dream world to make myself happy (I don't know if really I'm happy) instead of hard-working.
From the period of late December 2014 to first half of February 2015 I was not in my day dream habits. I really felt happy, satisfied and self-controlled during this period of time. I achieved few things in my life during this period.
But then I got back to that dream-man again. It's always a little irritation or something, which takes me back. Now I'm not just able to get away from dreams and it is hurting me like anything.

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