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Crystal Orb 03-22-15 06:08 PM

Growing concerned about my health
I've noticed that lately some symptoms have been occurring more pronounced and with increased frequency.

I get tightness in chest or chest pains, short breaths, trembling, headaches as well as when a fever breaks except its not a fever per se but there is the sensation of heat and my ears hurt similar to when I get an infection. I also get a sick feeling in my stomach as if I was going to throw up.

This tends to be a reaction to getting angry and I'm worried about the increasing instances that its occurring. I don't have health care plan so a visit to the doctor is out of the question.

dax 03-22-15 07:43 PM

I am deeply concerned for you. May I ask which country you are in? Maybe someone will know of a resource available to you. hang in there :hug::hug::hug:

123Noon321 03-23-15 01:55 PM

Work on reducing stress. Switching to healthy food would also help. Since it would reduce amount of acid substances in your organism (this is good, coz stress causes symptoms, just because of those acid substances). Also some kind of relaxation daily would be good. May it be meditation, a long warm bath, watching some movie, listening to calming music. Just relaxation. Even exercising could do you very good.

I am afraid that you might be getting angina pectoris, which could ultimatively lead to heart attack. And stress, unhealthy food, smoking and lack of working out are main things to lead to it.

SensualGirl 03-23-15 06:30 PM

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Something's got to give, because this is getting progressively worse.

Crystal Orb 03-23-15 07:28 PM

I'm afraid that right now I've already sought out the available resources to me, they didn't help. Unless someone is part of some inner med group around here in the Caribbean that knows any help outside the healthcare plans that won't cost a fortune, I don't think I have the luxury of meds help.

Something will give and by the looks of it, it will be my life because it doesn't matter what I do, this is only getting worse. Talking, taking what they call necessary steps through channels of comunication, seeking out psych help, they have all proven worthless.

When I rebel againts what I see as wrong, I get pushed againts the wall by my family because no matter how much I say it, no matter how clear an evidence I give them, no matter how much they say they understand, nothing changes. And what's worse they allow things to continue happening. Its always an excuse, always a half baked reason to not do things and always me who ends up paying for others mistakes.

Psych help has been nothing short of a joke. Going to a doc to be told to do things that are what cause me discomfort, getting pills on just a 5 minute diagnosis, with no in depth analysis. The doctors should go hang up their coats and go deep fry burgers at a fast food joint if that's the best they can do. I'm no doctor and even I see the little effort they do around here.

I'm not sure how long this will last because if I don't end my life, my body will do it from the inside out.

I'm really tired of everything. Years of work, of having to put up with people and for what!? So I end up where I'm now? This wasn't worth it.

SensualGirl 03-23-15 08:05 PM

I agree that therapists are lousy. I think it's a joke. Do you think their lives are better than yours? Because they're not.

I don't understand why for even a second you tried to explain yourself to your family. You don't owe them anything except maybe loyalty or respect. You didn't choose them, they chose you. They're old school and you should accept that. They will never get you. You're an adult. You don't need their permission or anyone else's to be who you are and do what you want.

I think you should come up with a life purpose. Fight for something greater than yourself. Look at the big picture, so that you don't get caught up in the everyday slights. See the light at the end of the tunnel. Keep hope alive.

Find a way to deal with your suffering, something to "cope", something healthy like listening to heavy metal.

Crystal Orb 03-23-15 08:31 PM

That loyalty or respect is what's going to get me killed. I've tried listening to music and it helps but its not a solution to the problem unfortunately.

123Noon321 03-24-15 11:00 AM

Fix your body, if you cant do it from inside out, do it the other way. Get your body to better shape to reduce stress. Working out and eating healthy significantly removes stress's damage effect on system.

RavenDarkLight 04-11-15 07:56 PM

Hi there, Crystal Orb. I just checked out this thread now.

I hope you've made a few steps in a helpful direction for feeling somewhat better. I also wonder if you've found any more about what is going on with your health.

I am sorry but I had to laff when you talked about doctors going and frying burgers. I can so relate!

Seriously - I don't know where you live, but here in Canada, the "free public" health care system is quite often brutal too. Yes, we can be seen by a doctor for "free" (but really, we pay for it in taxes), but I have still yet to find a doctor who will take the time to keep up with recent research about the chronic illness I live with and try to come up with the best treatment plan for me, and not for the last pharmaceutical rep that just walked out her door. It seems you have a better chance at winning the super mega lottery than finding a doctor who takes their Hippocratic (or is it hypocritical) oath seriously, above the paycheque.

I recently had someone from a support group for this illness tell me that expecting to find a doctor who will help me is basically a waste of time. Cynical yeah - but I think she too is sick and tired of being sick and tired with no affordable and effective treatment available.

So ... if I may suggest, out of respect and care for you as a fellow member of TTL, do what you can to advocate for yourself and investigate as many options as you can.

And keep adding to your first-aid kit of self care, dear. Keep exploring more self-care methods.

I've been exploring various alternative health care options - and so far, I've found some relief for some of my symptoms with simple diet changes and relaxation methods like meditation and yoga.

I hope you are safe and relatively well tonight.

lilly 04-13-15 08:22 PM

Hi crystal orb . It sounds very scary what symptoms you are having. Like ravendarklight said it is really very hard or if not impossable for some people because of where they live to get good health care which is quite, quite terrable and scandalous, i believe, that people be left alone with their problems.!

When you are sick proper health care is the difference between life and death. Its as serious as you can get! And all the fear of dealing with it by yourself without good advice and medication it causes so much suffering. on top of what you have wrong.

All you can do is be true to yourself and honor your feelings as ligitamate you know yourself and acceptance is a very good way to go forward into the unknown. To let go is the hardest thing to do to let go and let life be what it is. I try to do this everyday . I usually fail quite badly at it but i always keep trying.

But its so hard to find the energy to do self care especially when life is being bad to you. Im glad you find some enjoyment from music but it wont take away your problems just carry you through. Its about getting through each day. Life is scary and unkind. You are so brave facing it all. I hope you manage to sleep well. and that somethings still give you some pleasure .

Its about survival isnt it i heard something once 'life is like getting in a boat thats just about to go out to sea and sink' i always thought that told the truth. Life is a terminal condition for all of us! It is hard with out a loving family. Its all just hard i wish you well and some peace in it all.

Crystal Orb 04-13-15 09:49 PM

Its been a little while since I made this thread. Things have been a little better than when i started this. Though its still far from being a reliable method, i have started adopting a new attitude which has helped somewhat in this.

I have also been trying to establish an excersizing routine though that seems hard to do, especially if i have to divide my day to do various things. But i hope that with some motivation and diligence, i will be able to set that routine into a more permanent activity.

What I'm using as motivation right now is actually a movie character, Akuma from the Street Fighter Ansatsuke Fists film. He's pretty cool and a dedicated fighter to his art, willing to put everything he is on the line, even though he's the antagonist in the movie. For about a minute and a half of the movie, they show some of the most crucial parts of his training and I can't help but admire and even be a little jealous of the guy's physique. Makes me wonder how I would look if I was as fit as he is in the movie.

Crystal Orb 04-13-15 09:54 PM

But beyond the awesome physique and his demonstration of martial arts, his dedication is what inspires me, especially when I have, in the past, done the same. It didn't give the desire result unfortunately, but the dedication was there. Who knows, maybe I can end up looking a little like the guy.

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