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Crystal Orb 04-13-15 09:49 PM

Its been a little while since I made this thread. Things have been a little better than when i started this. Though its still far from being a reliable method, i have started adopting a new attitude which has helped somewhat in this.

I have also been trying to establish an excersizing routine though that seems hard to do, especially if i have to divide my day to do various things. But i hope that with some motivation and diligence, i will be able to set that routine into a more permanent activity.

What I'm using as motivation right now is actually a movie character, Akuma from the Street Fighter Ansatsuke Fists film. He's pretty cool and a dedicated fighter to his art, willing to put everything he is on the line, even though he's the antagonist in the movie. For about a minute and a half of the movie, they show some of the most crucial parts of his training and I can't help but admire and even be a little jealous of the guy's physique. Makes me wonder how I would look if I was as fit as he is in the movie.

Crystal Orb 04-13-15 09:54 PM

But beyond the awesome physique and his demonstration of martial arts, his dedication is what inspires me, especially when I have, in the past, done the same. It didn't give the desire result unfortunately, but the dedication was there. Who knows, maybe I can end up looking a little like the guy.

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