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Oneday 01-12-09 10:32 AM

A theory on depression
I wonder if depression is caused by having a dysfunctional relationship with your parents or guardians which leads to not learning life skills properly which leads to self propelling your life worse and worse which is how depression can happen.

What do other people think?

Space Dementia 01-12-09 01:20 PM

I think relationships in your family have a great influence on your life and the way you feel about yourself. kids are very perceptive. if parents are in a bad relationship it might give their children low self esteem and also when these kids grow up they are often likely to have problems building a healthy relationship as well as they never had a good example. and all this might lead to depression. but of course that doesn't always happen

Oneday 01-12-09 04:05 PM

if your parents are in a bad relationship how would it give the kids low self esteem?

third3ye 01-12-09 11:43 PM


Well I can explain one thing. I've always been a male feminist in some ways. Even to the point where I don't try to "court" girls at all, or even try to talk to them, because suddenly I think of my self as a sexual deviant with only one thing on my mind.

The main reason for this must be Johnny. Johnny used to be like a father to me, when my biological father was to unconscious to take his hand off the beer-glass. He was a truckin man, who drove freight from Bergen to Oslo. I rode with him a couple of times, across the rocky and icy mountains of Norway. He tried to teach me to stand up for my self (tho it failed at an early age). I actually wanted to be a trucked one day because of him.
But one night I hear this strange noise and as I go to investigate I find that Johnny's lifting the bedsheets so he can get a better look. I also find out at age 19 or something that I suppressed the fact that his own son had raped my sister, not once, but on two separate occasions . I friggin forgot this! I can't even believe it to this very day.

So everytime I end up saying something wrong to a girl, or get that weird "wtf" look, it sticks to my conscience like a concoction of beans, rice, and a big old humid ball of chewing gum, all welded together with superglue, ready to flash back some unsuspecting night when I try to "relax".
I can't kiss for nothing, I've had no relationships, and my connection with women is not distant, but non-existent.

Thank god for anonymity. If I wasn't anonymous here I wouldn't have wrote this. But I tell it to all my friends (the bit about Johnny and my sister that is, not the "relaxation" part or the girl problem part (they already know the latter).

PS: Yes, I know what you're thinking, and if I ever do go bonkers then first on my list is Johnny Jr. After being gangraped by a collection of rabid and sleep-depraved zoo orangutans, hopped up on viagra and meth-amphetamine, he will enjoy being strapped to the wall of a polar bears cave, with a sirloin strapped to his private parts, and bacon around his face (for that little hope of instant death).

Anger issues? Me? Noooo...

Oneday 01-13-09 01:01 PM

I'm very sorry things were like this for you third3ye. How is it relevant to if your parents are in a bad relationship how would it give the kids low self esteem?

Blank 01-13-09 07:47 PM

Possibly. I hate my parents, dont really know why. They used to argue and I always dissagreed with them. I hated the places they decided to take us, I hated the things we did, they werent fun at all, didnt feel any love. So I suppose im an ungrateful shit for not appreciating all the effort they have put into my lfie. But im not sorry I feel this. Theres no love what so ever. I have no good relationships adn it probably comes down to how I dont feel anything for my parents, or my family. And there was no mentor for me either outside my parents. THey just argued and then pretneded that we were a good family, made us go to school, put a lot of emphasis on work but I lost interest. No one showed me the brighter side of life and the passion has just left me. When I got my computer it was like an escape from reality and here I am, hiding away to this very day on my computer. Fuck my life.

love4pancho 01-13-09 07:48 PM

Depression has a lot to do with one's parents as they are key figures in one's self development. However, depression is a chemical disorder as well, some people are more suseptable to being depressed than others. Usually it can be genetic and passed on through the family. My relationship with my parents was dysfunctional and wrong, and I have depression. But I know people with great parents who are depressed too. So it isn't the sole reason for depression in people.

Oneday 01-14-09 10:14 AM

How can you be so sure that they were great parents love4pancho?

love4pancho 01-14-09 11:37 AM

Because I have been best friends with this person for most of my life. I have seen this person grow up, seen how her parents dealt with her in times of crisis and in times of celebration. When I was going to coed sleepovers at 13 and getting wasted at school, this person's parents always asked where she was going, who was going to be there, when she was going to be back, who was chaperoning. Her parents helped her with her homework, went to her drama performances, would give her money for the movies if she wanted to go with a good friend like me. When she had a crisis, they were nonjudgemental, simply listened and supported her when she told them about it. They didn't punish her or tell her how stupid she was, like my parents would have. I wish I had parents like hers. They are like my second parents.

Oneday 01-14-09 01:43 PM

My parents were actually quite like the ones you mention poncho, "person's parents always asked where she was going, who was going to be there, when she was going to be back" but my parents were so tight I could never have fun enjoy myself and my mum always did things for me no matter when I wanted to do them myself (like cooking, washing up, washing clothes), so I never learnt how to do these things properly and ended up unhappy later in life. I was never punished either so I never learnt skills either because I didn't know when I was wrong.

Are you sure they were doing what was best poncho?

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